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Help Center - If you referred someone but he or she is not on your My Referrals list...

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If you referred someone but do not see that person's name listed on your My Referral page:

  • This means that the person did not provide your PBS Nickname or PBS User Email when he or she registered (or did not register from the link in your email or on your webpage), and the referral was not recorded.
  • That person can simply contact us and provide your PBS Nickname or PBS User Email or your full name and city/state
  • Full Name will not work at registration, but it will work in a feedback message to us) to get the referral recorded.
  • The referred person must contact us to get the referral recorded; the referrer should not contact us.


   You do not earn referral credit for accounts at your own household, or accounts that violate the Terms of Use.  Referred accounts need to complete registration and activate the accounts by providing all account information before referral credit will be granted.

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