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Backstage Pass: Sinners on Tour
Backstage Pass: Sinners on Tour
Author: Olivia Cunning
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
legz avatar reviewed on + 301 more book reviews

Myrna: professor of human sexuality. Brian: lead guitar of Sinners rock band She meets Brian & his 4 band mates in a lounge after her work conference & holds her own against their advances. Immediately attracted to Brian she takes him to her room. Hot dirty sex ensues & a lustful relationship starts. He's into her, she's still carrying baggage from a previous marriage and sabotages herself over and over about being a whore when she really acts like one. Toughen up woman & quite being wishy-washy throughout the book (it's irritating) The book lets you get to know the band and their proclivities along with basic friendships. Can Myrna & Brian last or will her stupidity, groupies, or other band members break them apart? Decent book, hot wild sex, character development, & some interesting concepts to kick off a book series

Faithless in Death (In Death, Bk 52)
legz avatar reviewed on + 301 more book reviews

Eve & team investigate a murder that leads to an "organization" that thrives on bigotry, human trafficking, kidnapping, & wealth. The investigation leads to international crimes and the biggest bust of her career. Coordinating multi state & countries it takes everything to have a successful bust and put everyone in cages. Flashbacks to Eve's childhood spur her on. Trina, Peabody, & their men celebrate some new beginnings & Roarke is his usual anchor. The book holds a lot of shades of truth and could be ripped from today's headlines.

What the Cat Dragged In (Cat in the Stacks, Bk 14)
pj-s-bookcorner avatar reviewed on + 657 more book reviews

Another fun read in the series. Charlie is shocked to discover that he has inherited his grandfather's house and property - thinking it had been owned by the long-term tenant of his grandfather's. When the tenant dies, it reverts to Charlie. Only the tenant's heirs think otherwise. Good solid story with great characters - and DIESEL. Love this series.

The Mitford Murders: A Mystery
reviewed on + 408 more book reviews

The first in the â Mitfordâ seriesâ¦.an enjoyable mixture of fact and fictionâ¦who would want to murder Florence Nightingale Shaw, nurse and relative of the famous Florence Nightingale? Full of twists and red herringsâ¦

Hap and Leonard
perryfran avatar reviewed on + 950 more book reviews

I've had this book on my shelves for a few years now but have put off reading it because I wanted to get caught up with the Hap and Leonard novels. I have now read the novels up to Rusty Puppy (which I plan on reading next) and along the way I have also read several of Lansdale's stand-alone novels...all of them very enjoyable. Lansdale has become one of my favorite writers. I also really enjoyed the Hap and Leonard TV series and hated to see it end after just three seasons. Sadly, the actor who played Leonard, Michael K. Williams, died recently. He was a great actor appearing in other shows including The Wire and Boardwalk Empire.

This book was a collection of Hap and Leonard stories that gives a good taste of their exploits and are sort of teasers to get you into the novels. It was published about the time the TV series came out and contains the following:

1. Hyenas: One of my favorites in the collection about a man whose brother is lured into a possible bank heist and may be putting his life at risk until Hap and Leonard get involved.

2. Veil's Visit: Another good story about the lawyer who represents Leonard after he is charged with arson in the burning of a crack house in his neighborhood.

3. Death by Chili: This was a lighter piece with Leonard trying to figure out whether a person committed suicide or was murdered for his chili recipe. Lansdale includes his own chili recipe as an added bonus.

4. Dead Aim: This one was a rather grim story of a woman who hires Hap and Leonard to get her daughter back but she is really not telling all the story. Some unexpected twists and turns.

5. The Boy Who Became Invisible: This one takes place when Hap was in school and is a sad story about bullying and its consequences.

6. Not Our Kind: Another prequel to when Hap was in school and first met Leonard. His classmates don't take kindly to Hap's friendship with a black homosexual but they find out to leave it alone.

7. Bent Twig: Another of my favorites in the collection. Hap's girlfriend's daughter, Tillie, is missing and not for the first time. She has been involved with drugs and prostitution and her life is at risk.

Also included is Lansdale's interview with Hap and Leonard and his narrative of how Hap and Leonard came to be.

I really enjoyed all of this collection. It contained all of the dark humor and violence that is Lansdale's trademark and it is especially very entertaining! Highly Recommended.

Under the Rancher's Protection (Midnight Pass, Texas, Bk 3) (Harlequin Romantic Suspense, No 2158)
scoutmomskf avatar reviewed on + 1985 more book reviews

Good second chance love story combined with gradually intensifying suspense. Veronica and Ace were a couple for a while after she finished vet school. Their volatile relationship could go from happiness to screaming anger in the blink of an eye. They had a talent for pushing each other's buttons but usually managed to make up quickly. That is until the day Veronica had enough, certain that their constant battles meant they didn't belong together. She packed her bags, moved to Houston, started her own practice, and married another man. Devastated by her departure, Ace buried himself in his ranch work.

A few years later, Veronica came back to Midnight Pass, divorced and ready for a change. After buying her mentor's vet practice, she earned a reputation as the best large animal vet in the area while avoiding Ace. Ace did an excellent job of avoiding her, too, especially after she all but rejected his apology for past transgressions. Eventually, a sick calf brought the two together, and they discovered that their old attraction was as strong as ever.

I enjoyed watching the rekindling of the relationship between Veronica and Ace, though there were also times I wanted to shake them both. Years before, Ace's father's actions nearly destroyed the ranch and its reputation, and Ace and his siblings spent years rebuilding both. Ace still feels the shame of it, unable to see the respect that he's earned. He thinks that he doesn't deserve the same happiness he sees in the rest of his family. Veronica wants him to let go of the past and look to the future. Unfortunately, issues from her past put her in a similar situation. Veronica feels guilty about the end of her marriage, believing the fault lay mainly with her. I liked seeing them spend time together getting to know who they are now and realizing that their shared connection to the land is as strong as ever. Many scenes show how good they are together, but their insecurities sometimes cause them to doubt themselves and each other. One big blow-up finally helps them share those fears and begin long-overdue healing.

The suspense of the story started slow but built steadily to the end. One of the things that drove Veronica out of Houston and back home was being attacked by drug thieves at her vet practice. After two years, she finally started to put it behind her, only to find it happening all over again. A suspicious character hanging around the clinic arouses Ace's protective instincts, while a peek into the perp's point of view shows he is right to be worried. A shooting at her family's outdoor gathering indicates an escalation in the threat and brings Ace's family together to provide protection. I was on the edge of my seat during the scene with the truck, wondering how they would get out of it. Just when I thought Veronica was safe at last, an unexpected twist put her right back in the bullseye. The final confrontation was a nail-biter. I loved Veronica's strength and ingenuity and cheered when Ace and his brother Hoyt made their move.

I haven't read the first two books but have added them to my TBR, as the bits of backstory revealed indicate they are just as good as this one. I also liked the hint of a lead-in for Arden's story at the end.


The Last Mrs. Summers (Royal Spyness,  Bk 14)
hardtack avatar reviewed on + 1893 more book reviews

While a good story, it was a bit simplistic. Early on I had a very good idea who the killer was, as well as the motive. It helped I had read another mystery with the same motive. But I don't remember if it was in this series or one of many others.

In any case, 35 members currently have this book on their WL and that will decrease to 34 when I post this one.

These Silent Woods: A Novel
VolunteerVal avatar reviewed on + 280 more book reviews

These Silent Woods by Kimi Cunningham Grant will be in my top 10 books of 2021. It is simply outstanding.

Given the moody cover and somber title, I expected this to be a suspense or thriller, but it is SO much better. I was so pleasantly surprised by this reading experience, I don't want to ruin the journey for others. Go into this knowing very little.

This novel is perfect for readers who appreciate

- believable plot
- complex characters doing the wrong thing for the right reason
- growing sense of dread
- deeply satisfying ending

The premise: Cooper and his 8-year-old daughter Finch live in a remote cabin in the Appalachian woods. Shelves of books. Deep connections to nature. No electricity. No outside contact except occasional appearances by Scotland, a reclusive neighbor, and an annual visit from Jake, the only other person who knows where they're living. All is well ... until Jake, with their year of supplies, doesn't come and a stranger wanders onto their property, setting off a chain of events that threatens to destroy their lives as they know it.

I could not put this novel down, and when I had to, I worried about the characters until I could read more of their well-written story. I'm deeply grateful to Kimi Cunningham Grant for this brilliant novel. I'm definitely adding her first two titles to my TBR list.

Thank you Minotaur Books and NetGalley for the review copy.

Island Chaptal and the Ancient Aliens' Treasure (Spotless, Bk 5)
legz avatar reviewed on + 301 more book reviews

SERIES FINALE! Island & March are in the middle of a rescue job when Joy texts a DEFCON message about her cheater boyfriend that she's going to Mexico to confront him. Island has a bad feeling & later hacks Joy's phone discovering that she's in a Mexican jail for murder. Calling on Antonio for some help till she can get there he will take care of it. So much for Island's birthday weekend and March's surprise for her. Heading to Mexico she & March find that it's actually Angel that retrieved Joy. Uh Oh! Sparks ensue, bullets fly, a TV show documentary & aliens landing round out an adventure involving the Lions, instagram, Joy's kidnapping, sloths, bad (but hilarious) romantic quotes, betrayal, reality TV, & hopefully a happy birthday for Island and a revelation for March. Fun, entertaining, over the top, & bittersweet as the series end. There is a "Spotless" series Epilogue on Camilla Monk's website called "The Last Supper of Simon" that you should read to finish out this story!

Tyrannosaur Canyon (Codex, Bk 02)
reviewed on + 45 more book reviews

Very interesting tale with a page turning twist near the end.

One in a Billion: The Story of Nic Volker and the Dawn of Genomic Medicine
sslowe avatar reviewed on + 73 more book reviews

The writing is a little dry, but the tale it tells is fascinating. I have a science background from the 80s, but this sometimes I cannot get my head around the miniscule size of the materials these scientists are working with.

Lord Tresham's Tempting Rival (Peveretts of Haberstock Hall, Bk 1) (Harlequin Historical, No 1612)
scoutmomskf avatar reviewed on + 1985 more book reviews

Good book with an excellent romance that takes place with a background of several social issues. Along with the romance between two people driven to help others, we also see the effects of disease and poverty in Victorian London, women's fight to have a say in their own healthcare, and society's limits on those same women.

Ferris, an Edinburgh-trained doctor, devotes all of his time to the care of London's poorest residents. After losing his fiancée to a fever, he put aside any dreams of a family of his own. As the story opens, he's returned home from a confrontation with the local hospital's board to find his older brother waiting. As usual, Ferris forgot that he promised to attend the family's charity ball that night, and Frederick is there to make sure he shows up.

One of four daughters of a country doctor, Anne came to London to help people with her herbal remedies. By involving women, she empowered them to keep their families healthy without the expense of London's doctors and medicines. After making arrangements to meet with some local women, she hurries home to join her sister; both committed to attending the hospital's charity ball.

When Ferris's mother sets him dancing with Anne, he expects the usual vapid chit-chat. Instead, Anne shows interest in his work. I loved seeing them connect over medicine and their feelings about the disparity between society and the poor. Ferris also found himself strongly attracted to Anne, both her beauty and understanding, going so far as to resurrect his dream of home and family. Anne, equally drawn to him, resists the attraction. Burned by her ex-fiancé, who pretended to support her dreams, she no longer trusts men's honesty. An unexpected and passionate kiss sent Anne running from the feelings he aroused.

Ferris and Anne meet again under more difficult circumstances. While trying out his new mobile treatment wagon, he discovers that his expected patients have deserted him for a healer woman and her herbs. Filled with righteous fury, Ferris hurries to confront what he's sure is a charlatan of the worst kind, only to find it is Anne. Feeling betrayed, he lashes out, saying terrible things to and about her. I loved that Anne stood up to him. I especially enjoyed her rebuttal to his statement that there were reasons not everyone can be a doctor. They did not part on good terms.

When Ferris comes up with the idea of asking Anne to join him for the sole reason of keeping an eye on her, he doesn't realize what it means. An emergency allowed them to work together, and each saw a different side to the other. Within a couple of weeks, Ferris realized that far from resenting her presence in his clinic, he liked having her there. Plus, having her along on his wagon trips increased the number of patients he/they helped. He feels guilty about using her to pad the numbers for his wagon but reassures himself that it's justified if he gets the funding he needs.

I liked watching the relationship between Ferris and Anne develop. They bond over caring for their patients, each coming to understand more about what makes the other tick. The sparks between them continue to grow, as do their feelings for each other. But both have been hurt in the past, and trusting their feelings doesn't come easy. Just when it looks like a future between them is possible, Anne finds out the truth about her presence by Ferris's side. I ached for her feelings of hurt and betrayal and understood her fury at his deception. Ferris kicked himself quite thoroughly for his idiocy upon discovering her departure. I loved his big moment as he confessed all but was interrupted by another emergency. I loved how this one went, as Ferris took the opportunity to show her his support for her work in a most effective way.

I loved the attention to detail in the descriptions of the various medical issues. I especially enjoyed Anne's explanations of her herbal remedies and their uses. I also felt for Ferris and his frustration at the lack of interest and care exhibited by the hospital board members - until something affected them personally. The whooping cough scenes were heartrending and made me happy that we have protections against it in modern times.

I can't wait to read the rest of the series.


Power Down (Dewey Andreas, Bk 1)
reviewed on + 69 more book reviews

First look at Coes. Good, merits continuing

The Confidential Agent
dnhowarth avatar reviewed on + 168 more book reviews

Graham Greene (1904-1991) was one of the most-accomplished British writers of the 20th Century, during which he wrote novels, essays, drama, short stories, travel journals, screenplays, and "entertainments"; "Confidential Agent" is one of the latter, and one of his best stories. The protagonist is a middle-aged literature professor now a depressed and exhausted civil servant of a government involved in civil war; he is sent to Britain to purchase coal; his mission turns into a personal defense of his physical safety. A likeable character, a compelling story. Source of the 1945 movie with Charles Boyer and Lauren Bacall (and Peter Lorre). This copy is hardcover.

American Legends: The Life of James Cagney
jjares avatar reviewed on + 2492 more book reviews

Jimmy Cagney was a total professional and a joy to watch, whether he was dancing or slugging someone in a movie. I thoroughly enjoyed this recitation of his life. I'd read his life story years ago but this brought much of it back. We are so fortunate that someone of Cagney's skill and expertise was around to make movies when he did. So many of his movies are considered classics. I can always watch YANKEE DOODLE DANDY -- anytime and anywhere. Are you aware Cagney was 41 when he made that movie?

Apache Strike Force (Spotless, Bk 4.5)
legz avatar reviewed on + 301 more book reviews

A novella taking place after the ending of Butterfly in Amber when Island calls her dad who thought she was dead. A helicopter parent at his finest, Simon wants to see his daughter & in no certain terms be prepared to hate March who he holds responsible. The meeting takes some comedic turns as Island & March decide how much to reveal to dad and how dad takes some of the revealing. Initial shock & grudging acceptance help matters as Christmas is looming. Island & Joy are reunited in all BFF glory. March & Island move in together and there's a "welcome" brochure for her with March's OCD rules and regulations. Growing closer in their relationship and now in March's domain, Island and her Mr. November are a couple to be reckoned with.

Witchling (Otherworld, Bk 1)
reviewed on + 134 more book reviews

Witches, shapeshifter and vampires - all good! Romance - for me not a draw, hence my lower rating. If you like all the above, this might be your series.

His Topaz: A Historical Western Romance (The Jeweled Ladies)
jjares avatar reviewed on + 2492 more book reviews

This is a different type of story by authors I'd never heard of but the story moves swiftly. All of the stories are about women who have become prostitutes in a fancy brothel, The Jeweled Ladies, in Texas. The wrinkle is that all of the women have chosen to become highly paid prostitutes.

Millie Townsend's story is a bit different. When their father died, Millie realized that her half-brother (who hated Millie) was getting ready to sell her to one of his friends. So Millie agreed to become a mail-order bride, to avoid her half-brother's plans. Unfortunately, 10 days after she married, her groom was hit in the head and died instantly. When the groom's family saw that Millie wasn't pregnant, they had the marriage annulled. Millie needed a home and a way to stay hidden from her half-brother in Massachusetts. So she joined the Jeweled Ladies.

This story shows just how difficult life was for single women, without a husband or male relative. They had almost no options, other than selling their bodies.

The Jeweled Ladies Series
** 1) His Topaz
2) Their Emerald
3) Her Ebony
4) His Sapphire
5) His Crown Jewel

Linear Algebra With Applications
reviewed on + 11 more book reviews

It does what it was suppose to do.

Ghosts of the Tsunami: Death and Life in Japan's Disaster Zone
Yoni avatar reviewed on + 322 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1

A riveting account of the devastating tsunami of 2011. Although I mistakenly bought this book thinking it was literally about ghosts, which it does touch briefly upon, it focuses mainly on an elementary school where most of the children died. It's intense and very sad, and brought about a new understanding of this tragedy and those who survived.

Once a Laird (Rogues Redeemed)
Once a Laird (Rogues Redeemed)
Author: Mary Jo Putney
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
scoutmomskf avatar reviewed on + 1985 more book reviews

Terrific conclusion to the Rogues Redeemed series. From the time he was a child, Ramsay's fascination with the past infused him with a desire to travel. Though the heir to the Laird of Thorsay, after the death of his fiancée Ramsay left Scotland to roam the world, promising to return when necessary. During his travels, he barely escaped death as a spy in Portugal (where he met the other Rogues), explored ancient ruins, and served his government in unnamed ways in Constantinople. It was there that a letter from Thorsay finally caught up with him and summoned him home. Though sad to leave Constantinople, he knew it was time and hoped to reach home before his grandfather died.

Ramsay's arrival home gets off to a rough start when he is confronted by Signy, his late fiancée's younger sister. Signy harbored some deep anger toward Ramsay, but they worked through it quickly. Signy spent the last several years serving as the old laird's assistant, devoting herself to the health and welfare of the island's people. Intelligent, compassionate, and a gifted artist, Signy can't wait to turn her duties over to Ramsay and start living the life she wants. She tells Ramsay it's her turn to travel, and she'll start with training with a woman artist in London. But first, she'll fulfill her promise to the old laird to help Ramsay settle into his new responsibilities.

I loved watching the relationship develop between Ramsay and Signy. Blown away by her transformation from a gangly schoolgirl to a Viking goddess, Ramsay can't deny the attraction he feels for her. Encouraged by his grandfather to marry Signy, Ramsay also realizes that pushing will only drive her away. Signy also feels the sparks between them, but she has plans and won't give them up. They haven't seen each other in more than a decade, but their former friendship grows stronger as they get reacquainted. I loved seeing them work together to bring Ramsay up to speed.

I loved the scenes all around Thorsay as Ramsay and Signy carried out his tour. The details of the kelp burning and the people who did it brought that facet of island life into sharp focus, along with the dangers that went along with it. The descriptions of the land and the ruins that occupy it were vivid and made me feel as though I was there. I liked how Ramsay appreciated Signy's insights and advice when it came to both people and places. I loved watching their feelings for each other grow while at the same time they are careful not to rush into anything, but wait until the time is right. There was no great drama, just the realization that they belonged together.

I ached a bit for Ramsay at the beginning as he gave up his explorations to fulfill his promise to his grandfather. I loved when Signy pointed out to him that the islands had enough ruins to keep him busy for a long time. His excitement leaped off the page when a storm uncovered a Viking ship and an ancient village. At the same time, Signy is torn between her plans and her growing feelings for Ramsay. I loved the surprise he planned for her and how it showed his love for her.

However, trouble looms on the horizon for Ramsay and Signy. The disasters that rocked Thorsay in the past created tremendous strain on the laird's finances. Ramsay's grandfather took out a loan that's about to come due, and Ramsay has no way to pay it. The loan's owner is a particularly nasty piece of work. I was glued to the pages as I waited to see how it would turn out, knowing that Ramsay and Signy would manage however it turned out.

In keeping with their promise in that Portuguese cellar, the book reunited all the Rogues and their ladies. I loved the timing of their arrival and their words of gratitude for Ramsay. I would have liked to see a bit more of their time on Thorsay, but overall it was fantastic.

My favorite secondary characters were the animals. The one-eyed cat, Odin, belonged to Ramsay's grandfather and later attached himself to Ramsay. Like his namesake, Odin has a strong personality and makes his presence known in many ways. Signy's dog Fiona is loyal and intelligent and proves to be a lifesaver at a crucial time. I also loved the horse Thor (the Fifth) and laughed at the scene where he insisted on visiting Signy.


My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business
reviewed on + 3 more book reviews

I did enjoy the book. I have been a fan of Dick Van Dyke's for years. It was interesting to read all he went through.

Cold to the Bone (Nicole Cobain, Bk 1)
reviewed on + 2900 more book reviews

First in a new series? Nicole Cobain is the sheriff of a small resort area close to Canada border so it's very cold

I didn't care for this storyline, as you get into the story after the discovery of the body of a 14 year girl it takes forever to get to the main point, and that point is the Dr. that discovers a cure for cancer and his daughter is the test subject, etc etc etc
As it goes along it then turns into a medical miracle story that the big pharma companies want the secret and of course play dirty
Along comes the father of Nicole's son, Jordan, who is a drug dealer and killer and is right in the middle of it all and he doesn't care about his son but wants to kill Nicole etc etc etc

I won't pursue this series as it just wasn't my cup of tea

The Hank Aaron Story
perryfran avatar reviewed on + 950 more book reviews

The Braves have been my favorite baseball team since I was about 10 years old in 1960. Me and my neighborhood friends idolized them, especially Hank Aaron and Eddie Mathews after they won the 1957 World Series against the Yankees and made another appearance in the series in 1958 only to lose to the dreaded Yanks. But we were always loyal to the Braves even when they moved to Atlanta in 1966. And what do you know? The Braves are in the World Series again this year (2021) after beating the Dodgers in the NLCS. The series starts next Tuesday and I'll definitely be watching and rooting for the Braves!

Back in the about 1963 when I was in Junior High School, I read this YP biography of Aaron by Shapiro. I finished reading Aaron's autobiography a couple of days ago which I really enjoyed so thought it would be fun to revisit this old biography. This is one of a series of sports biographies published by Julian Messner for young readers. Many of these were written by Shapiro and include bios of Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Mel Ott, Jackie Robinson, Warren Spahn, Eddie Mathews, and many others. Messner also published many biographies of historical figures back in the 50s and 60s. I mention this because Messner was actually sued by Warren Spahn who contended that the biography of him by Shapiro "violated all four of the tenants of privacy: invasion, false light, private facts, and appropriation. The author of the book admitted that his research consisted of looking at a few magazine stories and clippings, and that he had made no effort to speak with Spahn himself, his family, his teammates, or any of his friends or acquaintances. Spahn won an injunction against future distribution of the book and $10,000 in damages."

This biography of Aaron seemed to agree pretty much with Aaron's own autobiography but it did include dialog that was probably made up by the author. Of course, this is common in juvenile biographies and it makes them easier to read by young people. And overall, I thought Shapiro did a good job of telling Aaron's story up till 1961 when this was published. It includes his younger days in Mobile, Alabama, his play on sandlot teams and then for the Indianapolis Clowns in the old Negro Leagues, and then his signing by the Braves and his excellent play leading to the 1957 and 58 world series. It did, however, include a lot of detail of specific games (including play by play) and details of players and their positions on the Braves as well as other teams which became somewhat tedious. But for what it is, I mildly enjoyed it. I also have a few other of these old Messner biographies (including the one of Warren Spahn) that I have collected over the years and may revisit at some point.

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