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The K Team (K Team, Bk 1)
debs avatar reviewed on + 618 more book reviews

Found myself wishing for more Andy Carpenter instead.

Descent: A Novel
Readnmachine avatar reviewed on + 1373 more book reviews

Good characterization and sense of place in this thriller about the disappearance of a young girl and its shattering effect on her family, but there are some details that are a bit fuzzy and a huge coincidence that leads to the climax.

The Dictionary of Lost Words
Readnmachine avatar reviewed on + 1373 more book reviews

Novel set against the great labor of compiling the Oxford English Dictionary. The daughter of one of the lexicographers becomes fascinated by the many words being excluded, mostly from the spoken vocabularies of women or of the laboring class.

Texas Bodyguard: Brax (San Antonio Security, Bk 2) (Harlequin Intrigue, No 2136)
scoutmomskf avatar reviewed on + 2314 more book reviews

Whew! Another gripping tale from the pen (keyboard?) of Janie Crouch. Like the book before this one (Texas Bodyguard: Luke), this one opens with Brax's introduction to the Patterson family. My heart ached for the boy and everything he'd been through in his short life. He's wary of the couple wanting to take him home with them, fully expecting his time there won't last.

When next we see him, Brax is pondering how his life turned out - from living on the streets at age twelve to owning a security company with his three brothers. They are of different races but have each other's backs, unlike Brax's feckless half-brother Robert. Robert shows up at Brax's house one night with a story of an emergency and drops off his baby boy. Brax is shocked but not surprised when Robert disappears and later has guardianship papers delivered to him. I had to laugh at Brax's first few days with little Walker - it had a Three Men and a Baby vibe. Brax thinks he's died and gone to heaven when he finds a phone number in the diaper bag that he believes belongs to Walker's nanny.

When we first see Tessa, she's caught in Robert's mess. The men who are after him believe that she knows where he is. After trashing her apartment, the next step is threats to her life. Tessa barely makes it out of her apartment ahead of trouble and realizes her only option is to go to Robert's brother. She knows nothing about him other than their brief phone conversation. When she shows up at his office, Brax assumes she's the nanny and asks no further questions.

I ached for Tessa, who would do anything to have her son back in her arms. Initially wary of Brax, she doesn't tell him the truth about who she is or the trouble she is in. I loved watching her settle in as Walker's "nanny" and smiled at her happiness in being reunited with him. Seeing how she and Brax connected and the unexpected contentment he found with his pseudo-family was sweet. But that peace doesn't last long.

The twists and turns that followed kept me on the edge of my seat. Brax isn't happy when he discovers Tessa's lies but believes the truth when he hears it. Complicating matters, Brax is due to testify against a local cartel leader who is determined to ensure that he doesn't live long enough to do so. As attacks from both sides escalate, Brax and his brothers work to find a solution. The final confrontation is a nail-biter with a twist no one saw coming. The resolution was excellent, and hopefully, everyone gets what they deserve!

I loved the development of the relationship between Brax and Tessa. Brax is protective of her from the moment they meet, sensing that she is in trouble. Tessa is wary of him, having been burned too often to trust easily. Simmering in the background are sparks of attraction neither is ready to deal with immediately. I loved seeing them grow closer over the next few weeks. Brax is adorable when we see him interact with Walker, which makes it easier for Tessa to trust him. But it takes nearly losing each other for them to admit their feelings. I loved the ending and seeing the Patterson family all together. There is so much love, and there is always room for more.

The Accidental Queen (Midlife Fairy Tale, Bk 1)
grandpam avatar reviewed on + 70 more book reviews

Ten or Eleven years old, perhaps I would have liked this book. A midlife fairy tale? Not in my life. The people are silly and they expect everything to be fine, and this author makes it fine. There is one character I really like and although he is rather silly too, he has enough of the "bad boy" about him to be endearing. There are two more books in this series. Do not go there.

Starvation Camp
WhidbeyIslander avatar reviewed on + 641 more book reviews

Although I enjoyed the writing style, there was something lacking in it as a gripping story. The dogged pursuit of a villain by the obsessed Mountie was detailed in the extreme, and pointed out how difficult living in the 1890's in the Yukon must have been, especially for gold-rushers trying to get there through the mountain passes from Skagway. There are some grim parts detailing how animals fared during their trek. In a time when a lot of people get annoyed that they can't find a closer parking spot at the mall, it points out how soft we've become.

Corporal McQuestion follows his prey though those passes to Skagway and down to California. The author gives us a taste of what life was like in those places, but it seems more like a travelogue than an interesting tale. The final 70 pages recount his journey post-Alaska and I thought the corporal's actions were a bit too obsessive.

There is an unbelievable coincidence that seems to set up a possible sequel as McQuestion continues to try and right old wrongs. It's an okay read, but I was looking for more story set in the gold fields of Canada's west.

The Witches of New York (Ami McKay's Witches, Bk 1)
justreadingabook avatar reviewed on + 1655 more book reviews

Wonderful unique take on the enlightenment age in New York.
You will be between historical fiction and magic.
In-depth characters and a smooth moving storyline that winds its way with all characters and yet showcases each one and their talents.

Beautiful descriptions without over doing it. Very enjoyable to read.

Vixen: A Nameless Detective Novel ("Nameless" Detective Novels)
MKSbooklady avatar reviewed on + 820 more book reviews

At times interesting.

Secrets of Hallstead House
pj-s-bookcorner avatar reviewed on + 764 more book reviews

I'd consider this a cozy-type mystery read. Interesting setting of Thousand Islands. Some background history of the region. Macy Stoddard recently lost her parents to an accident & her boyfriend walked as well. She takes a position as nurse to an affluent woman living on one of the islands. But the island is shrouded in mystery & threats.

When You Disappeared
reviewed on + 3115 more book reviews

This is written in the 'timeline' format and I HATE that! It's 25 years ago, present, over and over---yuk!!

Reading reviews on Amazon what struck me most was the description of the man character and that was enough to keep me from reading this one

Her Deadly Game
reviewed on + 3115 more book reviews

Not a big fan of lawyer books and this one has too much family stuff going on---not for me

The Devil's Highway (Robert Fairfax, Bk 2)
hardtack avatar reviewed on + 2300 more book reviews

The first book in this series was so good I immediately requested two of the others. This one is just as good as the first and is loaded with red herrings.

More Than Meets the Eye
oldrockandroll avatar reviewed on + 232 more book reviews

Another great book by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen. This one is about Kendra Michaels. A serial killer is showing authorities where one of his victims is buried. When they strike a metal object while digging, a bomb blows up and the serial killer along with a few others are killed. Metcalf from the FBI is seriously injured and the only survivor. There is a copy cat killer out there and it is feared that the serial killer has an accomplice. Great read!

EYE for EYE: Talion Book 1
reviewed on + 3115 more book reviews

This is one of those books you don't know exactly how to rate it

I had my library order this series (3 books)

So I just finished this one here are my thoughts

There are way way too many descriptions, I mean descriptions that describe descriptions--get my meaning?

This is a very detailed murder that is committed but it just goes on and on and on and repeats over and over and over


There does come a twist I didn't see coming AT ALL!

My 4 rating is because it deserves more than a 3 but I wouldn't give it 5 (love it)

It is kind of confusing at times but I managed to get through it by skipping a lot of the pages that just don't mean anything, the pages of the interviews with the cops was just boring and I skipped over that as it wasn't necessary for me to read what I'd already read just getting to this point.
I was also confused who the narrator is telling this story, well just hang in there and at the end you'll find out and just as a heads up, this book is continued so you have no ending to this book 1 in this series

Author: Michael Herr
Book Type: Paperback
MKSbooklady avatar reviewed on + 820 more book reviews

Tried to read this. It was not the subject matter, it was the style (f you can call it that) that was too difficult to follow. It felt like random thoughts, memories, whatever, just strung together. It was plain too hard to follow. I've read A Rumor of War by Phil Caputo, it held me from the first word. This one didn't.

Ladybug Landing
reviewed on + 1478 more book reviews

Ladybug Landing by Mindy Steele takes us back to Miller's Creek. I enjoyed getting to know Nelly Raber and Levi Milford. I felt bad for Nelly. She has the best of intentions. Unfortunately, Nelly's kind acts usually end with her in hot water. Nelly has an overbearing mother who is determined to marry her off. Her parents do not understand her and are ashamed of her âanticsâ. It is a good thing that Nelly has Levi for a friend. I thought the story was well-written and engaging. I was quickly drawn into the story. Ladybug Landing is a touching story. You will go through a range of emotions. There are some moving, tender moments. I enjoyed the humor as well (I love a book that makes me laugh). Hazel Miller and Hank Fisher are amusing. It seems the matchmaker needs a little nudge. Forgiveness is one of the main themes as well as doing what will make you happy. I love the ladybugs. They appeared at all the right moments. Nelly seemed to be a ladybug whisperer. Ladybug Landing is the fourth novel in the Miller's Creek Series. It can be read as a standalone, but I recommend reading all the books in this inspiring series. My favorite phrase from Ladybug Landing is, âWe are given this one life, and I can say with wisdom that it is better with someone who completes you than alone.â Ladybug Landing is a story that will touch your heart.

Rachael's Decision (The Amish Charm Bakery)
reviewed on + 1478 more book reviews

Rachael's Decision is the sixth book in the Amish Charm Bakery series. It can be read as a standalone if you are new to the series. The story contains good writing with realistic characters. The story moved at a gentle pace. There was a good flow to the story. I enjoyed getting to know Rachael, Nathan, and Caleb. Nathan's children, Joy and Thad are sweethearts. Joy stood out to me. She is a precocious child. I like that we get to catch up with the characters in the other Amish Charm Bakery novels including Sheriff Williams and Dr. Harrison. I like how the author uses Sheriff Williams and Dr. Harrison's having breakfast and reading the paper to add historical details. I found Rachael's Decision to be an emotional story. It is a story that tugs at your heartstrings. Faith was beautifully incorporated into the story. The characters trust God and rely on Him to guide them. I like that they pray about a decision before making it. I like how the characters had the love and support of family, friends and community. Rachael's Decision is a poignant tale with a caring community, a bevy of baked goods, a sweet suitor, two sweet kids, an upsetting secret, and a generous God.

Irish Coffee Murder
reviewed on + 1478 more book reviews

Irish Coffee Murder contains three novellas by Leslie Meier, Lee Hollis, and Barbara Ross. Irish Coffee Murder by Leslie Stone takes us back to Tinker's Cove where Lucy Stone is shivering because the heat went out in the newspaper office. Lucy is happy to head out to work on an article on local Irish dancers. When one of the dancer's mothers ends up dead, Lucy learns that dancing is a cutthroat business. Irish Coffee Murder is A Lucy Stone Mystery. It can be read as a standalone. I enjoyed Lucy Stone's latest adventure. It is an easy-to-read story with likeable characters. We get to catch up with Lucy, Zoe (Lucy's youngest daughter, Ted (who was quick to retreat to the other newspaper office when the heat went out), and Phyllis (she has a colorful wardrobe). The mystery was straightforward, but it suited the length of the story. It was interesting learning about Irish dancing. Death of an Irish Coffee Drinker by Lee Hollis is A Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mystery. It can be read as a standalone if you have not read any of the other books in the series. I found the story easy to read with a lively main character. It is a story that will make you laugh. Hayley finds herself in some amusing situations. Perked Up by Barbara Ross was different from the other two. It is a stormy night in Busman's Harbor and the electric goes out. Julia Snowden and a friend join Julia's mother and Captain George McQuaig (Julia was surprised to find him in the living room chatting with her mother) in the living room in front of the fire. They are all enjoying Irish Coffee when Captain George begins telling them about a century old mystery involving Hugh O'Hara. Soon others arrive when they see the candles in the windows. Each new arrival has a different take on the mystery. The next day, Julia decides to dig into the case and find out what really happened. Perked Up was my favorite. I thought the mystery was unique and entertaining. There are a lot of details which makes the mystery realistic and intriguing. We also get to catch up with Julia, her family, and friends. These three tales will get you in the mood for St. Patrick's Day.

A Rogue for the Dutiful Duchess (Harlequin Historical, No 1713)
scoutmomskf avatar reviewed on + 2314 more book reviews

Fantastic story that kept me hooked from start to finish. Sophie is a young widow who has just finished her year of mourning. She looks forward to her independence and caring for her young son. She has no intention of marrying again and giving up her freedom but will devote her time to raising her son and caring for his estates until he is grown.

Her marriage wasn't happy, with her much older husband moving his mistress into their home. Even after his death, she was stuck with the woman until the year's mourning ended. On that day, Sophie discovered the mistress gone, along with several of the duke's diaries - diaries that would create an enormous scandal if they were made public. Desperate to prevent that scandal, she hires "problem fixer" Nicholas Pascoe to retrieve them.

I loved the first meeting between Sophie and Nick. He is handsome, confident, and not at all deferential. Something about him stirs her up, and she doesn't like it. Nick is equally drawn to her and just as dismayed. He doesn't need the distraction while he works to retrieve the diaries. I enjoyed the sparks that flew between them during that meeting as they wrangled over the details of the mission. Nick's methods are effective, and I had fun watching him work his wiles on Mrs. Sweeting. There are some tense moments when his search faces disaster, but quick-thinking Sophie saves the day.

At the same time, the attraction between Sophie and Nick continues to grow. Their chemistry is explosive, and they also find themselves becoming friends. Each finds themselves thinking of the impossibility of their growing feelings for each other. But Nick is hiding a secret that could change everything. I loved that he trusted Sophie enough to share his story and that she cared enough to help him. I loved seeing her play referee at the ball.

But the defeated mistress has one last card to play, and it is a doozy. The mayhem she causes forces Nick's hand regarding his future and his need to protect Sophie. I loved how cool and calm he was as he carried out his plans. I ached for both, as each was reluctant to confess their feelings, their fear of rejection creating distance between them. I could have shaken them both when miscommunication caused misunderstandings and harsh words. The ending was heartwarmingly emotional, with both admitting to their fears and mistakes and their love.

I loved Sophie's son Freddie. He's realistically portrayed for his age, with good and bad moments. Sophie doesn't spoil him and intends to ensure he grows into a responsible man. It was sweet to see how he took to "Pas!" and that Nick was equally enchanted with him. My favorite scene with them was the coach ride when Nick and Freddie went to ride on top to give Sophie a break. The two were adorable together.


Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right
Minehava avatar reviewed on + 917 more book reviews

'Slander' is an interesting book containing a great deal of information. It is a tad difficult to follow some of the details if you are not very familiar with the workings of the US media and political systems but it is well referenced and provides enough information to let you find out more if you wish to.

About fifteen percent of the text are devoted to references. To get the most from this book you may want to do some further reading but even without it 'Slander' helpfully illuminates the areas under discussion. The style of writing is repetitive at times and can be a little tiresome through its constant references of the aggressions of the left: the slanderers, and Coulter's obvious lack of sympathy for them. It is worth persevering to see all Coulter has to say on the subject and it's good if you want to hear a different side of the argument.
It can really opened your eyes to the agenda of the Democrats and liberals. Great but tedious read! I would recommend it for anyone.

Woman of God
reviewed on + 159 more book reviews

One of Patterson's best collaborations! This book started in an action packed exciting war, in the war torn fields of South Sudan during its bloody Civil war/genocide. Brigid Fitzgerald is a godly woman, a doctor who volunteers at a primitive field hospital in the war torn area. She escapes there with her life, and continues doing good deeds in other hot spots in the Middle East and elsewhere. She also has an unusual relationship with God, who speaks to her occasionally. Her life progresses in many unusual and controversial ways. A good read.

reviewed on + 11 more book reviews

Good book to supplement the âHow to study your Bibleâ. Or to us just to learn more about the Bible. Like the examples and the text right in the workbook. Makes it easy to study in places other than at a desk.

American Marxism
Minehava avatar reviewed on + 917 more book reviews

Mark Levin has NAMED it: the awful ideology that is oozing into our country is Marxism -- American Marxism. Reading this book is like hearing him shout, âDon't just sit there; DO something!â But what? I still dont know. He doesn't answer that question.

I am grateful for the enormous amounts of research Mark Levin undertook and then distilled into this, tedious, but very manageable volume. It is a crash course in totalitarianism everything else that one should understand in these times. It is an depth explanation of the various movements. From âeconomic justice,â âracial equity,â âgender equity,â âenvironmental justice,â "Critical Race Theory... to "Exniromentalism". He digs deep and delivers a good sound but sometimes tedious lectures. But it is worth learning about all the different movements, their creations, their history, all the way to their current state. to understand all of their different fractions. And how they are affected economically. Linked to Capitalism. Owe their creation to it. And are propagated almost exclusively by institution of higher learning. From Lenin to Mao...

But be prepared that this book is dry, and not to be read in one sitting. Thought there are sections that will make you sit up. Most are not. This book is to be read is sections.

Killing Moon (Moon, Bk 1)
Killing Moon (Moon, Bk 1)
Author: Rebecca York
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
reviewed on + 302 more book reviews

This is what a werewolf novel is supposed to be like! The character development was good, the storyline was interesting, and the romance was HOT! While a bit far-fetched as to the explaining of the werewolf gene....let's face it, were talking about werewolves here, you can't get much more far-fetched than that! I really enjoyed the private detective angle also. On the down side - romance is not my favorite genre so the less the better - deducted a bit because of that.

In Her Eyes
reviewed on + 3115 more book reviews

very well written thriller!

This is hard to put down from the beginning and the twists? you just don't see them coming! Good writing!

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