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Help Center - Can I refer others without giving out my email address?

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You do not need to share your email address with referrals!

  • A new member can enter your PaperBackSwap Nickname when she or he registers, to record the referral.

  • We also provide a PaperBackSwap email, a "dummy" email derived from your PBS nickname, which can be used instead of your personal email address. Your PBS email cannot be used to send or receive email messages.

  • You can also insert your "PBS email" (or real email) address into linked icons or email sigs, and get referrals automatically.

To choose a PBS Nickname, you must make a PBS Profile in your Account Settings.

  • Read how to do this here.

Your PaperBackSwap "email" is derived from your PBS Nickname.  

  • If you have chosen the PBS Nickname "Horatio," for example, your PBS email is ""
  • Again, this email cannot be used to receive mail - but it is handy for referring others!

You can find out how to use the linked icons and email sigs for automatic referring here.

  • You can find the icons and sigs themselves here, on the Spread the Word page on the site.

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