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Help Center - When do I receive my referral credit?

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When your referred member* posts 10 books to his or her account Bookshelf and has completed registration**, you will receive a credit.

  • You can keep track of your referrals by clicking My Referrals link at the top of My Account:
    • Click My Account in the toolbar at the top of the site
    • Click the My Referrals link in the yellow bar at the top of the My Account tab (default view)
  • If a member you referred does not appear on your "My Referral" page
    • this means that he or she did not identify you properly (using your PBS Nickname or PBS User Email) as the referrer at the time of registration.  (Full name will not work at registration--too many members have the same name!)
    • The referred member can contact us at any time to ask for the referral to be recorded.
    • The referred member needs to provide your PBS nickname, PBS User Email, or full name and city/state in order to record your referral after the fact.

  *You do not earn referral credit for accounts at your own household, accounts that are not the first for the household, or accounts that violate the Terms of Use.   **Referred accounts need to complete registration and activate the accounts by providing all account information before referral credit will be granted.

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