PBS Money

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PBS money is used to pay for:

  • Swap Fees. Swap Fees are 49 cents per requested shipment, unless you are an enrolled Standard Member with unlimited free requesting, or you have some Free Swaps (each Free Swap replaces a Swap Fee) in your account.
  • Printable Postage, which allows you to mail your book from any drop box or from your residential mailbox (if your mail carrier collects packages). Printable Postage comes with Instant and Guaranteed Credits for accounts in good standing.  To apply the postage to your wrapper, just choose 'postage' when printing the address from the request. There is a postage printing fee assessed for printing postage, at the time you print the postage.
  • PBS Delivery Confirmation ("PBS-DC"), which allows you to track your book's progress in the mail, and grants Quick Credit when scan information from the barcode is transmitted to our system from PBS. Accounts in good standing also get Guaranteed Credit for shipment, if USPS loses or misdelivers your book. To apply PBS DC to your wrapper, just choose 'the PBS Delivery Confirmation Only' option when printing the address from the request. There is a fee assessed for printing with PBS-DC, at the time you print the address.
  • Custom DC, which allows you to generate a USPS DC barcode for any shipment you like - you can use it for non-PBS mailings. Custom DC is available from the menu under My Account at the top of any page on the site. There is a fee assessed for printing with Custom DC, at the time you print the address.
  • Any Kiosk purchases, including PBS Market books and Book Credits.  To use PBS Money for a Kiosk purchase, just choose the "PBS Money" payment option at checkout. 

Please note: Purchasing PBS money does not purchase book credits automatically: to purchase book credits, choose the Book Credits item in the Kiosk.

Please note: Because the 50-cent Kiosk Transaction fee is "flat" ( = 50 cents no matter how small or large your purchase), it is wise to buy PBS Money in lump amounts ($5, $10, etc) to have Swap Fees and/or Printable Postage for several shipments before having to "reload" your Money account.  Purchasing "lump amounts" of PBS Money less often will minimize the number of Transaction Fees you will pay.

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