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Book Review of Another Dawn

Another Dawn
Another Dawn
Author: Kathryn Cushman
Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 4

Please note this is my opinion. I imagine there are many opinions on this book as it deals with a touchy issue. Grace's son, who was never immunized, was unknowingly exposed to measles in California, where they live. They fly back to her hometown to help her dad recover from knee surgery and inadvertently expose a church nursery full of babies, not old enough to have been immunized, to the measles. This book explores the pros and cons of immunizations and why Grace chose not to immunize her son because of a friend whose son is autistic, supposedly from routine immunizations. Grace isn't very likeable, in my opinion. She is one of those overprotective, preachy mothers that quite honestly get on my nerves - face it, we all know moms like this. :) Her decision to NOT immunize her son put the lives of other children in danger. I agree with one of the statements made by the author that she depends on everyone else immunizing their children so that her non-immunized son will not get these diseases. My heart went out to the mothers of those sick babies. Her decision put those babies in harms way. Difficult to read because of that situation. Grace is also dealing with the fact that she still blames her smoker father for the death of her mother due to cancer and still needs to come to terms with that. A really good read because of the controversial issue. Please remember this is my opinion only and you don't have to agree with me!! Grace just really made me angry in this book!! Also, the attitude of her friend with the autistic child made me angry too. She was the reason Grace didn't immunize her son and yet she was so callous about the whole situation. For the reason that it fired me up, I loved the book but hated the situation. Hope that makes sense to someone besides me!!