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Book Reviews of Another Dawn

Another Dawn
Another Dawn
Author: Kathryn Cushman
ISBN-13: 9780764208256
ISBN-10: 076420825X
Publication Date: 2/1/2011
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

4 stars, based on 9 ratings
Publisher: Bethany House
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 4
Please note this is my opinion. I imagine there are many opinions on this book as it deals with a touchy issue. Grace's son, who was never immunized, was unknowingly exposed to measles in California, where they live. They fly back to her hometown to help her dad recover from knee surgery and inadvertently expose a church nursery full of babies, not old enough to have been immunized, to the measles. This book explores the pros and cons of immunizations and why Grace chose not to immunize her son because of a friend whose son is autistic, supposedly from routine immunizations. Grace isn't very likeable, in my opinion. She is one of those overprotective, preachy mothers that quite honestly get on my nerves - face it, we all know moms like this. :) Her decision to NOT immunize her son put the lives of other children in danger. I agree with one of the statements made by the author that she depends on everyone else immunizing their children so that her non-immunized son will not get these diseases. My heart went out to the mothers of those sick babies. Her decision put those babies in harms way. Difficult to read because of that situation. Grace is also dealing with the fact that she still blames her smoker father for the death of her mother due to cancer and still needs to come to terms with that. A really good read because of the controversial issue. Please remember this is my opinion only and you don't have to agree with me!! Grace just really made me angry in this book!! Also, the attitude of her friend with the autistic child made me angry too. She was the reason Grace didn't immunize her son and yet she was so callous about the whole situation. For the reason that it fired me up, I loved the book but hated the situation. Hope that makes sense to someone besides me!!
countrymomma avatar reviewed Another Dawn on + 10 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
Very Preachy and I could not stand the main character Grace. She drove me crazy. I am glad to rid myself of this book. It was thought provoking, the characters had good development, but the author had me very confused by the end of the book. I couldn't tell if she was for or agianst the things she "preached" about during the book.
And I also felt sorry for Grace's dad, she treated him horrible. She acted like a spoiled brat even though it was clear she was not one.
myersjewels avatar reviewed Another Dawn on + 58 more book reviews
Simply stated, Another Dawn is a great book. As the story unfolds you find that Grace Graham has made a lot of choices that she regrets, and is beginning to realize that she needs to deal with issues from her past. These choices include relationships with her family as well as personal decisions. The story line about the childhood vaccination controversy comes to life in a very real way when placed in the context of everyday situations. By viewing Graces actions and the consequences they bring, the reader is allowed to see how one persons actions can affect many. A decision can be made with the best of intentions and still have devastating results.

Throughout the book, Grace grew in maturity and began to see the importance of doing the right thing no matter how hard or distasteful. I especially liked the way the author used a biblical example to reinforce the concept of coming full circle and to do over past actions. It is so easy to blame someone else for our difficulties and not accept responsibility for our actions. We all need to remember that many times a heart felt apology is what God intends instead of defending our actions to others.

My only disappointment came from the somewhat casual treatment of Graces unwed mother status. I kept waiting to see her acknowledge that her actions were sin instead of just bad choices and reveal that she had truly developed a personal relationship with God. However, God was still very real throughout the book. This is a thought provoking book on many levels and tells a great story. I highly recommend it.

Bethany House Publishers graciously provided my review copymy opinions are my own.
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Grace Grahams life is in an upheaval. She is hurting from recently ending her 4 year engagement to her fiancé. Her sister is playing the guilt card, begging her to come and help with their father after his knee surgery and give her a much needed respite. This within itself would not be bad except she hasnt been home since the death of her mother, 8 years. On top of that she and her father do not get along. She harbors resentment toward him as she believes his choices caused her beloved mothers death. After realizing she will be the cause of her best friend/ bosss failed business deal. Grace then does what she has always done when faced with difficult situations, she runs.
The heart of the story though is an unusual but contemporary topic. While is pregnant with her son, Dylan, now four, she sees her friends son become autistic shortly after his MMR vaccination. She decides then she will never risk her child by vaccinating.
Returning to her small hometown is bittersweet as she faces painful memories. Soon after arriving and helping her sister in the church nursery, Dylan, contracts the measles.
Now every child in the nursery (all too young to have received the MMR yet) and some older adults in the community have been exposed. Including her sisters frail, long awaited for adopted daughter. Soon there is an epidemic of measles in the town. As many children cling to life, including her niece, Grace becomes the focus and center of controversy for the choice she has made and how it has affected others.
With no place to run this time, Grace is forced to face the maelstrom and put to the test not only her beliefs but her relationships with those she loves.
The author does a beautiful job of showing both sides of the subject, without taking sides. It was very balanced. I could honestly very clearly see both sides of the issue. But the book is about far more than this current issue. It is about truly standing for what you believe even in the face of great opposition and standing alone. She realized she may be alone in the flesh but in all she was facing, God stood beside her guiding and comforting her.
I saw a clear picture of when Christians turn from God because of suffering they have experienced; they will succumb to bitterness. The author shows that God can soften even the hardest heart and repair any damaged relationship, no matter how impossible it may seem, if we allow Him to.
As Grace once again opens her life to the Lord, she finds the courage not only to deal with great anger and hatred directed to her, but to have the courage to made difficult decisions. In some parts my chest would tighten as I felt myself walk through these uncomfortable confrontations.
This book is excellently written, entertaining, thought provoking and informative. Good job Ms. Cushman!
I have received this from book Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.