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Standard Annual Membership

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Standard Membership Package

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Enjoy every feature our club has to offer with a Standard membership.  In addition to all Limited features, you'll get:

Unlimited Free Swaps - You'll never pay Swap Fees as a Standard member!

Expanded Wish List: 500 Books - Can't fit all the books you're wishing for onto your Wish List?  An unenrolled (A la Carte) Wish List holds 100 items; Limited Membership comes with a 200-item Wish List limit. As a Standard member you have a Wish List limit of 500 items!

Friends Direct - What are friends for, if not to share books with? Standard members can easily search all their PaperBackSwap Friends' Bookshelves to find books to request, and can also post Wish List books directly to their Friends' Wish Lists.

Courtesy Postage Fees - Enjoy the convenience of our Printed Postage for free once per month. (up to $6.60 annual savings)

See the number of copies available! One of our most requested features! You'll see the number of copies available for an ISBN on each Book Details page.

Standard members also enjoy these exclusive features:

Order from a Friend If one or more of your PBS Friends has a book on their Bookshelf, the Details page will allow you to easily order from the Friend of your choice, or you can let your order default to FIFO.

Easiest way to find books on your Reminder List While viewing your Reminder List, you'll have the option to see only books on your Friends’ Book Shelves.

Advertise your Lists Standard members have Privacy Controls that will allow other PBS Friends (or all members) to see their Reminder List, Books I've Read (BIR) List, and/or To Be Read (TBR) List. These lists can be shown as tabs on your Member Profile page.

Standard Badge on your member Profile, identifying you as a Standard member.

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