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Help Center - How to use the stars rating system

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  • Blue stars--show you what the Club rating of a book is - from 1 (Hate it) to 5 (Love it) stars..
    • Blue stars are the average rating of all members in the club who have rated this book.
    • Put your cursor over the blue stars on a book listing to see the stars turn yellow, and assign your rating.
  • Yellow stars--show you what you have rated the book - from 1 (Hate it) to 5 (Love it) stars.  
    • Yellow stars are your rating of a book.
    • You can click the number of stars you want to assign a book you have read, on the Book Details page, on your account Bookshelf,  or on your other Lists.
    • You can clear your rating by clicking the slashed-circle. 

The little number to the right of the stars = the number of ratings that have contributed to that average.

  • After you contribute your rating, the average will not change right away.  The system has to process and update, so check back a while later to see the effect of your rating on the average rating.

Rating a book adds it to your Books I've Read (BIR) list automatically!

  • Removing/clearing your rating removes the book from your BIR list.

If the stars on a listing are all grey - then no one in the club has rated the book yet. 


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