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Help Center - How do I provide/edit/delete my review of a book?

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We encourage all of our members to Review their books; doing so helps others decide whether or not to request the book.   Even if publishers' information is available, hearing what "real people" think can be very persuasive!  Please note that reviews should NOT contain any information about a specific copy of a book (ie, the condition of the book). Reviews are intended for members to share their impressions of a book with the club. All reviews appear on the Book Details page for that ISBN, and do not "follow" a certain copy of a book.   There is no assurance that a requestor will see your review when she or he requests your book. 

It is best to provide an original  (your words) review.  If you do take a review from elsewhere (another site, the back of the book, etc.) you should be sure to say where the review originated. 


From Kirkus Reviews: "blah blah blah..."

From Amazon reviews, reviewer Mary Smith: "blah blah blah..."

From the back of the book: "blah blah blah..."

To Review a Book:

Click the "Review this Book" button on:

  • Any item on your account Bookshelf
  • Any item on your TBR Pile
  • Any item on your Books I've Read list
  • Any item on your Books to Repost list

Click the More Options menu to the right of the book cover image on the Book Details page for a book 

  • Choose "Write Review" from the list that drops down
  • Write your review in the My Review Text text box, and click Submit My Review. 
  • You can also choose your star rating from the area to the left of the text box.

To Edit a Review You Have Written Previously:

  • Click again in any of the above places.

  • Your previous review will pop up in a text box, and you can edit it and save it.

To See All of Your Reviews:

  • My Books Ratings/Reviews are under My Lists:
    • To get there from My Account, click the My Lists tab and choose the link "Books Ratings/Reviews" at the top, in the yellow bar.
    • To get there from anywhere on the site: place your cursor over My Account in the main toolbar, and choose Books Ratings/Reviews from the menu that drops down.
  • To see how others have rated your reviews using the thumbs up/thumbs down, you can look at your list of reviews linked from your PBS Profile, if you have one.

If you want to remove a review entirely, simply find your review following any of the various options above and delete all text, then click "Submit My Review". Submitting the blank review will take it completely out of the database.

Please do not provide reviews that are extremely short (only a few characters), non-sensical or "coded" for personal use. These types of reviews are regularly removed during database maintenance.

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