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Help Center - How do I refund credit(s) to another member?

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If you need to refund a credit from a swap for a book you have sent, you can click the button on the Request Details page (accessible from the transaction for the book in your Transaction Archive).

To do this

  • Go to your Transaction Archive:
  • Locate the transaction in the list.
  • Look on the right side of the transaction for the Request Details link -- click that
  • On the Request Details page, find the Give Refund button to the right of the cover image on the transaction. Click that. Confirm the refund if a box pops up to ask you to confirm.
  • That's it!

It is important to use the Give refund button (and not just give a credit directly) for two reasons:

  • It records the refund on the sender's account, which is tantamount to a "resolved" status for that problem
  • It also refunds the Free Swap or Swap Fee that was used for the request (this is not true if credit is given back directly)

To refund credit to a requestor:

  • Click Transaction Archive linked from My Account to go to your Transaction Archive
  • Locate the transaction for a book you sent
  • Click the Request Details link on the right side of the transaction
  • On the next page, click
    • The credit value for the swap (1 credit for a bound book, 2 for an audiobook) will be refunded to the requestor. If a Swap Fee or Free Swap was used, that will also be refunded.
    • The button will disappear from the transaction.
    • If you don't see the Give Refund button, that means that you do not have credits in your account.  When you get credits, the button will re-appear.

In order to give credits to other members without using the GIve Refund button, you must first have received at least 2 books from PBS.  Once you have received two or more books, the option will be available for you.



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