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Renelle C. (capturerose) - Reviews

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Apocalypse 2012: An Investigation into Civilization's End
Apocalypse 2012: An Investigation into Civilization's End
Author: Lawrence E. Joseph
Book Type: Paperback
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
Review Date: 3/12/2010
Helpful Score: 2

This book gives you insight as to what might happen to the earth and the world as we know it. Some of the studies and predictions seem a little far out. Anything is possible, the planet earth as we know it can not survive forever. The book is titled "Apocalypse 2012", however according to the author any of the disasters could happen before or even after 2012. There is some evidence that disasters are already in the preliminary stages. What really caught my attention is current events happening today in our life with the Chile earthquake. There was a news media saying that Chile's Earthquake likely Shifted Earth's Axis, Shortening The Day. Which to me goes hand in hand with what the author has written. You need to have an open mind and take the information with a grain of salt. Some of the things written may be controversial and even seem far fetch, but none the less it is a great book to read.

Eat This, Not That!
Eat This, Not That!
Author: David Zinczenko, Matt Goulding
Book Type: Paperback
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.
Review Date: 11/24/2010
Helpful Score: 2

I saw this book cover and all the members having it on their wish list and thought it has be a good book, plus all the other variations of the same book. I ended up ordering the book through amazon. Boy was I disappointed! Much of the info was common sense. DUH! A burger without cheese compared to a burger with cheese is going to be a better choice. Or a comment about switching out mayo or salad dressing to cut calories, again, another no brainer. The book compared many different restaurants, many of which I don't know, kind of useless if those restaurants aren't available within hundreds of miles from where I live. Some of the comparison were not a good comparison. Of course, a veggie pizza is going to be a healthier option then a meat pizza. The key to weight loss is moderation. The suggestions in general made sense, but I don't believe they are realistic. I found it a little confusing on how they determined one food was better then the next. It seemed many items were based on sugar content or calories. That's fine and dandy but not everybody has the same needs.

Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating with More Than 75 Recipes
Review Date: 2/5/2010

Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating has many insightful and thought provoking statistics, which makes you think a little bit more on what you eat. Does food really have that BIG of an impact on our lives and the planet?, according to Mark Bittman it does. I felt this book had good backbone, structure and information but I lost interest quite fast. The book is mainly geared towards livestock, and the meat industry and how that is the main contributing factor to where we are today and the problems we as a society have with food today. The author throws in a little bit of other statistics and then end with half a book of recipes. I did not think it was terrible book, just not what I was expecting.

The Gluten-Free Kitchen: Over 135 Delicious Recipes for People with Gluten Intolerance or Wheat Allergy
Review Date: 12/12/2012

The Gluten Fee Kitchen book by Roben Ryberg is a great recipe book if you are truly looking for gluten free recipes without any other food limitation. I ordered the book with out looking at any of the recipes or indigents used. My mistake! Not only do I have a sensitivity to gluten but also to corn. Every recipe uses large amounts of cornstarch instead of other types of flour. The other ingredient that is used quite frequently, however not to the same extent of cornstarch, is Xantham gum. I have hesitation using Xantham gum, mainly because its fermented corn sugar. Studies have confirmed residual wheat gluten to be detected in xanthan gum. It's a double whammy, corn and and wheat. Xantham gum has been found as a link to respiroatory symptoms and is an effective laxative. So why would I want to add that to my food, even if it is less then one teaspoon? The exssive use of corn products in The Gluten Fee Kitchen Book is useless to anybody who is trying to avoid corn.

Guides to the Gardens of Quebec Domaine Joly-DE Lotbiniere
Review Date: 2/25/2009
Helpful Score: 1

For those of you interested in Horticulture and some of the magnificent works that can be done just go and visit this place in Canada. This book gives a little synopsis of what you can see, expect and do, when visiting these gardens. There are gorgeous pictures to leave your mind wanting to see more. The book gives history of the estate which is a plus. The Estate and Gardens border the St Lawrence River so if you are not memorized by the gardens there is always the beauty of the river scene. Some points of interest found in the book and to see are the Lovers nest, the Vegetable Garden, Garden of Curiosities, White Flower Bed, Cutting Garden, Garden of the Senses, Beaver Pond, Reading Kiosk, Experimental Gardens, Gardeners Cottage, the Saint Lawrence Meadow and so much more. Grab this book and you will soon know where your next vacation will be.

The Natural Diabetes Cure
The Natural Diabetes Cure
Author: Roger Mason
Book Type: Paperback
Review Date: 7/22/2010

This book contains many studies and information, almost to much. I need to know how that relates, and more in depth structure on how to apply that to everyday life. The little bit that the author says is contradicting to many other books I have read on health, cancer and curing diseases. It was hard for me to finish the book when I didn't believe what was being said, to be true. The book itself I don't believe really answer the questions that is entitled on the cover of the book. After I got done reading the book I looked at who wrote the book. It is written by Roger Mason. I have read one other of his books and I was very disappointed. Very similar layout and no answer to the title of the book. I plan on being very more selective on what I read from Roger Mason. His books in general are very short mainly because he doesn't really say any conclusive information. How can an author write a book when their input is very minimal?

Why Eat Like Jesus Ate?: How to Get Healthy and Prevent Disease by Following the Nutritional Principles of the Bible
Review Date: 1/31/2011

I read two other books by Lorrie Medford and really enjoyed her writings. The rationale of thinking related to nutrition and health is quite different then most Americans believe. Basically, poor nutrition, processed foods, preservatives and taking prescribed medications is the cause of most diseases and health related problems.

However, "Why Eat Like Jesus Ate?" is not one of her better works. I really enjoyed the book until I got to part three of the book. The writing style changed and shifted in thinking. The third part was almost to heavy on biblical verses, where in the beginning of the book the verses and biblical references fit in better with the context of what was written. This book however, has excellent references, studies and relevant points that makes a person think twice about many things in life you just take for granted related to health.

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