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Book Review of Invisible

perryfran avatar reviewed on + 1158 more book reviews

This is probably the best Patterson I have read since some of the early Alex Cross novels. This stand-alone is co-written by David Ellis...not sure how much of this was written by Patterson but the end result is a real page-turner full of tension and suspense. I have been a little disappointed in some of the recent Patterson's that I have read including Private Down Under and Confessions of a Murder Suspect but this one is back to the thrills of some of Patterson's best. The story is about an FBI analyst, Emmy, whose sister is killed in a house fire. Emmy believes that the fire wasn't an accident but was one of a series of murders by a very clever serial murderer and then covered up to look like an accident. She identifies similar "accidental" fires across the country and concludes that they all follow a pattern. However, she has a hard time convincing the FBI of her theory. Once she does, the FBI puts together a task force to identify and track the killer. As I was reading (quickly turning the pages), I knew a twist was coming at the end but I wasn't sure what it would be and yes, it did surprise me. High recommendation for this one! I know David Ellis has co-written some other Patterson's and I'll have to read these to see if they compare with this one.