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Book Review of Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys

Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys
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There are also some passages that are so eerily realistic, and so intimate, in their depiction of the guy psyche, that they read more like a documentary than a humorous editorial. You can almost imagine David Attenborough crouching down in the corner of the men's room, whispering, "Here we see the males of the species gathering to dispense of liquid waste at a row of urinals, but if you think their choice of urinal location is careless, you'd be wrong...." There really is a detailed explanation of urinal etiquette that is dead on the mark for accuracy.

As always, the foibles are presented in a good-natured way which both the guilty and innocent should equally enjoy. This book can also be a good ego booster, since every man should be able to find at least one passage where he can say "At least I never did that!"