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Book Review of Abandon (Abandon, Bk 1)

Abandon (Abandon, Bk 1)
Abandon (Abandon, Bk 1)
Author: Meg Cabot
Genre: Teen & Young Adult
Book Type: Hardcover
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Helpful Score: 6

ABANDON is the first book in Meg Cabots latest YA trilogy, a retelling of the Hades and Persephone Greek myth. Unfortunately, I have found myself less and less satisfied with Cabots books, and ABANDON, while marginally better than Cabots Airhead series, still uses too many of her usual writing techniqueslittle forward action, a heavy emphasis on flashbackto endear itself to me completely.

I like Pierce: she is, in my opinion, a little mellower than many of Cabots protagonists. And at the beginning of ABANDON I was reminded very much of earlier Meg Cabot books that I loved, such as All-American Girl. Pierce displays a sense of poise that may or may not be the result of her constant encounters with near-death experiences, but nevertheless is very appealing. I even have a tiny little crush on John, whos protective but not overbearingly so, and really very sweet in his interest in Pierce.

It was the way the story was presented, however, that didnt gel with me. Practically every other chapter is a flashback. Granted, they are very important flashbacks, explaining how Pierce first encountered John and showing her subsequent (unwanted, but lifesaving) encounters with him and the troubles he has caused for her. However, why does the story have to be presented half in flashback? Pierces backstory was so much more interesting than her present story of being the new student at her school, making new friends (or nemeses) of questionable characterization, and slowly uncovering her familys very melodramatic secret. Why couldnt the story simply be presented chronologically? I think it mightve made for a more engaging read, instead of my being frustrated that, once again, Meg Cabot was resorting to cliff-hangery comments that are supposed to pique readers interest and have us reading frantically to figure out whatever happened, but instead feels like trickery, a manipulation of our emotions.

Overall, though, I think ABANDON will be a great read for younger readers, particularly those who have read much of Cabots books or other paranormal reads. It has an interesting pair of lead characters and decently good writing. I just couldnt fully get behind the awkward story structure.