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Book Review of The Mushroom Man

The Mushroom Man
The Mushroom Man
Author: Sophie Powell
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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From Booklist:
Everyone's fed up with Charlotte's relentless uptightness. Her wealthy London husband is having a crude affair with Pavlova, their au pair. Her sister, Beth, a widowed painter living in Wales with her teenage son and somewhat younger triplet daughters, is hurt by Charlotte's coldness and contempt for her bohemian country ways. And Charlotte's only child, pretty six-year-old Lily, has had it with her strict mother's refusal to let her have any fun. Driven by a sense of superiority, which she calls duty, Charlotte finally deigns to bring Lily to visit Beth and her family. Her dreamy little daughter is instantly captivated by the beauty of the countryside, and by her imaginative cousins, one of whom tells her a story about the Mushroom Man, an invisible, tree-dwelling hermit and dear friend of the fairies. Lily takes off to find him and vanishes from sight, sending everyone into a panic.

This book was a very light and easy read. It was interesting how the author juxtaposed the very adult themes of sex and adultery with the idea of children's fairy tales and their desire for them to be real.