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Book Review of The Mushroom Man

The Mushroom Man
The Mushroom Man
Author: Sophie Powell
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
spiritedbabe59 avatar reviewed on + 106 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 4

This was a really quick read, and I found the story delightful. Ms. Powell's writing style took me a chapter to get the hang of - she only indidcates conversations by paragraph indention rather than with quotation marks - very quickly I didn't even notice any longer. The Griffith household is one that invites children to have adventures and it is such a wonderful change from the stodgy household where Lily Newman lives with her parents. Lily's father is kept even more at a distance in the story as Ms. Powell refers to him as Mr. Newman throughout! I loved it! Anyway Lily and her mother, Charolotte, go to visit, Lily's aunt Beth Griffith and her boisterous, imaginative, gang of children (Lily's cousins) in their home in the country. The Mushroom Man is born in a bedtime fairytale, but launches an adventure that affects all the characters in the book in a positive way for each of them. I loved the magic of this story, and I loved the children rollicking about the woods and enjoying life that comes from having a highly developed imgination.