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Book Review of Paint it Black

Paint it Black
Paint it Black
Author: Janet Fitch
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
MzReader88 avatar reviewed on

I have to say to start with, that I am a fan of Janet Fitch's writing style and the way she incorporates the arts into her novels. White Oleander is by far one of my favorite books and will never leave my collection. I'm also a believer in the notion that if someone writes a spectacular book like the latter, that I won't judge so harshly their next book. Who knows if she has another one of those in her, and maybe she didn't want to go back down the same path she did with White Oleander. Who knows? With that being said, I found the book dragged on with the emotional descriptions and cultural references. It was bleak and there wasn't very much going on. Maybe if she would've went on tour with Meridith or something there would've been more substance. I also started hating her boyfriend because the whole book was basically spent describing him and his many idiosyncrasies. I would've liked to have known more about Josie. I'm probably going to give it a re-read and then post it on here.