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Book Review of Cunt: A Declaration of Independence (Expanded and Updated Second Edition)

Cunt: A Declaration of Independence (Expanded and Updated Second Edition)
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Helpful Score: 11

I have mixed feelings about the content of Muscio's book. It is divided into 4 sections. The first section titled "The Word" (meaning the word cunt) was exhilarating and informative. Muscio writes in a conversational style that I found refreshing and not at all academic or clinical. She urges women to "take back" the word, which has been transformed from a word of power for women to a disgraceful, derogatory word. This was my favorite section!

The second section is titled "The Anatomical Jewel" and contains lots of information about the physical aspects of being a woman--menstruation and women's issues are discussed--without the slightest bit of blushing or hesitation. I found Muscio's experiences and proclamations fun and unusual.

The third section, titled "Reconciliation" was nothing more than militant feminism. While interesting, I felt uncomfortable with some of the ideas presented.

The last section is actually the expansion for the second edition. Muscio talks about her experiences after the first edition was released. She expands her call for women's power to lesbians and transgendered people as well. Rape is a topic examined to the nth degree.

The book contains many resources for women--and the same links and resources can be found on the author's website.