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Book Review of Autumn in Scotland

Autumn in Scotland
Autumn in Scotland
Author: Karen Ranney
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 6

* Well if you go striclty by reviews (here & Amazon) this is a great book! I just don't happen to agree. And I usually like Ms. Ranney.

* This felt so ho-hum reading it, and when I tried to come up with one thing really great about this book, I couldn't. There's enough interest to peak your curiosity with the characters but they just never seem to fully evolve. (Except maybe for Maisie.)

* On one hand the reader is supposed to accept Dixon as an 'honorable' man while he's being entirely dishonorable. The one redeeming quality or heroic act he performs? Beats me!

* Every situation, Charlotte's reserve then intro to something more, Matthew's wisdom, Nan's suttle hint's of the past or her dislike of Charlotte or anyone keep thinking 'OK, now we'll find out...he'll say/she'll say' something to explain or give you some closure to what you've been given. It never happens.

* I don't usually have expectations when I start reading a book. I leave that to the author to raise. And Ms. Ranney did raise my expectations; she just never answered them.

* Liked Most - Balfurin & the cover
* Liked Least - Dixon posing as dead George to sleep with/get Charlotte & doesn't tell the truth until cornered and forced to.