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Book Review of Afraid of the Dark

Afraid of the Dark
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San Francisco police officer Jessie Cline worries about her eleven years old son Danny living in an unsafe neighborhood. After a harrowing incident, she wonders who would care for him if she was killed as her son's father denies the child is his because Jessie had an affair at about the time she became pregnant. When she learns that she inherited property on Washington's Cliff Island, Jessie decides to fill the will's stipulation of living there at least a year. Jessie's also obtains the job of Assistant Police Chief.

Police Chief Hank Shepherd assigns Jessie to keep safe Lynda the pregnant wife of famous cartoonist Ben Thrasher who is in the news for his social commentary about an alleged womanizing senator. He was the Berkley professor, who Jessie had that affair with that ended her marriage.

Someone burns down Jessie's woodshed and she receives a threatening letter to leave or die. Lynda tells Jessie that someone forced her off the road while a driver tries to hit Danny. More incidents follow aimed at Jessie, Lynda, and Danny; the link is Ben, but no motive surfaces and the danger mounts

Jessie is a terrific strong lead heroine who has no idea why she and her son are under siege, but the incidents and the police investigation grip readers from start to finish though Danny is too perfect. Also a secondary Tugboat Annie like character draws the same conclusions using the same technology as the cops yet faster without insider information or the vast interrelated criminal databases. Still the suspense grows with twists and turns that hook fans who will keep the lights on being AFRAID OF THE DARK.