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Book Review of Zoo

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The book is definitely an easy read. With over 98 chapters within 350 pages, it had a lot of break up to allow you to stop and pick the story up at a later time.
The best thing I can say about this book is the concept. Without spoiling the story, it deals with an epidemic with animals and how one scientist/graduate student drop-out communicates to a pretty ignorant world. The struggles that Oz faces becomes your own during his journey as he desperately tries to save human kind. The humor sprinkled throughout adds a great personal touch as well. The only reason I did not give it a higher score, is because I felt some parts were shallow. The scientific challenges should have been expanded, in my opinion, but instead was kind of hand waved out. Also the story ends abstractly (probably on purpose). I think some subplots with certain characters (Attila for instance) could have at least been wrapped up and the ending should have been more than just a faint paragraph. Overall a good book, but not one to go ape over (get it?!...nah?...because the title is okay).