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Book Review of The Plot Against America

The Plot Against America
ralegh avatar reviewed on + 126 more book reviews

An excellent book with sobering parallels with what we're going through politically today. Roth paints a frightening picture of what could have happened if Charles Lindbergh, a notorious anti-Semite and admirer of Adolf Hitler, had won the Presidency in 1940 (he never actually ran, of course, but some Republicans had asked him to run). The book is all from the perspective of a fictional version of young Philip Roth, and the author leads you into their lives very well. My only quibble is he seems to be in a hurry at the end, and events start happening one right after another, when the build-up has been full of detail and emotional depth. Yet, I'm satisfied after putting it down, and he provides as nice collection of bios of the historical figures and what really happened to them, which helps put it all in perspective. Enjoy!