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Book Review of The Actor and the Housewife

The Actor and the Housewife
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I really agree with the other reviewer of this book. The idea is great - who wouldn't want to meet your movie star crush and hit it off? But I didn't find the whole thing very believable. There were some funny conversations between the two, but a lot of the time the banter was annoying and so far out there that it would really happen, especially when they have absolutely nothing in common. The second half of the book is so much better and by the end, you really want it to turn out differently than it was written. I don't want to give too much away to those who haven't read it yet, but I liked how he provided her with support when she needed it, not only emotionally but the way he stepped up and paid for things without her even realizing, etc., and by backing off and letting her be until she came to grips with things on her own. That is a true friend. Again, mixed feelings but guess I'm glad I did read it.