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Book Review of The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game

The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game
havan avatar reviewed on + 138 more book reviews

After seeing the movie I was curious about the book and though I'm not a big football fan decided to give it a read.

The story is well written and Michael Oher's story is compelling. I'd been curious about the Racism vs. Ole Miss angle as it was not emphasized in the film and knowing what I did of Ole Miss's history I was curious. This was covered very well in the book.

I was a bit daunted by depth of the coverage of the evolution of football in the book but I can't say I wasn't warned... The title indicated as much. Mostly the explanations of football strategy were very good and I followed most of it though I'm in no way a fan of the game. There were a few sections (particularly when the footnotes got to be close to half a page) when the football details became too much for me but I'm sure that dyed in the wool fans loved it.

Even the sections on Lawrence Taylor and and Steve Wallace, and John Ayers were eminently readable, even for a non-fan.

If you're a sports fan or if you've got one on your gift list, this may well be a great buy. If you'd rather not learn a lot about football but are still curious about the Michael Oher story, by all means, check out the movie.