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Book Review of Act of Betrayal (Britt Montero, Bk 4)

Act of Betrayal (Britt Montero, Bk 4)
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I try to give a book a chance and I got about half way into this one BUT--

Britt is newspaper reporter on the police beat, so you'd think it would be fairly good, she is also half Cuban and this takes place in Florida, so that being mentioned-a lot of it is about Cuba in some way or another which I didn't find interesting at all, too many words in Cuban that is just a distraction and adds nothing to the book, then too many things are going on to where it was just a confusing mess to me.

One minute you're reading the main story (I think) of the missing boys (which was why I got this book from the library), then it flips to another side story for a few pages, then it flips to her personal life and her mother, then it flips to another story about Cuba, then it flips to another side story, then it gets back to the missing boys for a few pages then it just starts over again and again, so there are just too many side stories happening and makes for a mess.

Don't think I'll try anymore by her.