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Book Review of Apollo 13 : Lost Moon

Apollo 13 : Lost Moon
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This a very interesting book a real bird's eye view of this failed mission. I did get lost from time to time because of the technical jargon and honestly I had to reread just a little before where I left off at times to essentially pick things back up, to refresh things in my mind. It is told from the ship's point of view and the people on the ground and the family of the men up above the earth. It is very thorough. The events are not glossed over which I really appreciate and the book tells just what did happen to start this collision course. I do have to tell here that when the astronauts were trying to determine just where they were-upside down or sideways or what I thought well why don't they locate the sun? Much to my delight this is described next using the sun to get their bearings. This books holds you at the edge of your seat and is straightforward without leaving out the big and little details to get these people back to earth. The story of how Lovell gets into the space program and how the space program in general is started is very enlightening. A good read, try it.