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Book Review of The Secret Between Us

The Secret Between Us
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Helpful Score: 2

I'm sure like most of you I was very excited when I received this book due to the reviews and buzz I heard from others. Unfortunately, the book did not meet up to its hype (well, to me at least!). I found the book to be very slow moving and it actually took me a good few MONTHS to finish this book. And for an avid book reader like me that's saying a lot - I typically can devour a book in a sitting ;-)

The characters started to becoming more annoying than likeable and there were too many other subplots (Karen and Hal, Jill, unresolved issues, etc.) for you to actually feel the suspense I'm sure the author was trying to convey. Had the story been oh maybe 100 pages shorter I'm sure it would have flowed much better, but I must warn you not to rush to pick this one up if you decide to read it at all.