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Book Review of Sing You Home

Sing You Home
Sing You Home
Author: Jodi Picoult
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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I've never read a book that made me think in the way the novel Sing You Home, by author Jodi Picoult has. It is the story of a couple who after struggling with infertility issues for years, along with the heartbreak of a still birth breaks under the pressure. Max Zoe's husband files for divorce. While Max turns to alcohol and ends up turning to a conservative Christian Church; Zoe finds love in an unexpected friendship with Vanessa which blossoms into a love song that changes her life; when the two women decide to have children a storm begins that only faith, love and perhaps the right song can heal and bring some of these broken souls back together to form a family for the child they are all desperately fighting for.

As I read this book it was an eye opener to realize how others might view the Christian faith; and some of our beliefs. I'm glad I do not attend a church like the one Pastor Clive is head of in this book. It showed me even more that love should be the center of any faith not hate or judgement. Each character had their own struggles and even though they choose very different ways of coping with them in the end they were all just fighting for the right to live in the way that they thought was right and was the best choice for them. The soundtrack and different songs for different chapters was a wonderful addition to the book in my opinion. I connect with music on a very deep level so I loved that aspect and I thought the characters were very alive and easy to connect with. I haven't read a book by Jodi Picoult yet that I haven't loved or connected with. I'd recommend this book to anyone especially music lovers.

Cheers! Happy Reading =)
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