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Book Review of Vanishing Acts (Large Print)

Vanishing Acts (Large Print)
daedelys avatar reviewed on + 1218 more book reviews

This was an okay, even though it was an earlier publication by the author. However, if I continue to run across a pattern of lack-of-originality by the author, I may have to abandon reading future novels. The book is filled with cliches we've already seen on television programs. I honestly think Picoult would make a great politician due to her ability to appeal to mainstream by sensationalizing tragedies we've seen in the media.

There were some parts that dragged out and were filled with fluff that makes you think the author writes her books hoping that they are made into movies for tv. It definitely had too many filler pages with nonsense. Including how to make meth with pretty detailed instructions so that readers can play "Breaking Bad" the home game. :P She also manages to plagerize herself by reusing a prison inmates suicide in another book.

Overall, I finished this because I had nothing better to do. Luckily, I've read later novels by the author and haven't minded them.