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Book Review of Corduroy

Author: Don Freeman
Genre: Children's Books
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 5

This is my favorite story from childhood and I honestly believe it had a big part in making me who I am today. [The story of Corduroy displays several morals and our basic human needs; its main lesson to me is to look deeper, beyond first impressions to see what is on the INSIDE of a person--that is what really counts.] The story is so charming, adorable and incredibly special.
It begins with Corduroy in a toy department of a big store. Shoppers hurry by and never seem to notice him.[MORAL: TAKE TIME TO SMELL THE ROSES PEOPLE! WHY ALL THE RUSH?] Every day Corduroy waits hoping "for somebody to come along and take him home." [ BASIC NEED: SECURITY AND BELONGING.]

One day a little girl stops to look at Corduroy and tells her Mother that he is the bear she has always wanted. The Mother explains to her daughter that they have spent too much money already and points out a flaw in Corduroy, he is missing a button. [MORAL: IF YOU CAN'T SAY SOMETHING NICE, THEN DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!] The girl is very obedient and doesn't make a scene (like some children would today) and walks away with her Mother. [MORAL: RESPECT AND OBEY YOUR PARENTS.]

Corduroy decides to go look for his button that night. The INTRIGUING part here is Freeman doesn't state WHY Corduroy is looking for his button--is it to look better in order to get a home? (I really don't think so, nothing in this book is about vanity.) Why then? Answering that question is left up to each individual reader. [MORAL: LOOK FOR THE GOOD INSTEAD OF THE BAD IN PEOPLE AND THAT GOES FOR BEARS TOO!]

The next day, still buttonless, Corduroy wakes up to the warm smile of the girl who came to see him the day before. She introduces herself as Lisa and tells Corduroy that he "is going to be [her] very own bear." She continues to explain that she counted her money in her piggy bank and her Mother said she could bring him home. [MORAL: PATIENCE AND SAVING MONEY.] She lovingly carried him home in her arms.

Corduroy looked around the room. "This must be home," he said. "I know I've always wanted a home!" As Lisa sat down to sew a button on his shirt to make him more comfortable she said the sweetest thing, something every child (OK ALL OF US) need to hear: "I LIKE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE." And they give each other a hug.[BASIC NEED: LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE!]

I highly and wholeheartedly recommend this to children of ALL AGES! I give this my highest rating! Every child should own this endearing classic!