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Book Review of The Baby Boon : How Family-Friendly America Cheats the Childless

The Baby Boon : How Family-Friendly America Cheats the Childless
Delos avatar reviewed on

This is a really, really, intersting book - that you probably won't agree with. All the more reason you shuld read it though. It is well researched, with excellent examples (written by a Washington Post reporter). As a young woman I identified with a lot of the and workplaces examples that discriminate in favor of people with kids, and against those who chose never to have them (or don't have then, yet, whichever).
A lot of people get angry and defensive if they just read the whole title. BUT! This is not a book saying you SHOULDN'T have children, or that you're bad if you do - but just that there are a lot of policies we have that are skewed towards that being the only acceptable, or preferable, way to live. Interesting financial and tax information, as well as points of feminist theory (how society values women who don't have children differently) that I probably wouldn't have ever considered.
I did get tired of hearing the same basic point driven into the ground by the end, and I think towards then end some examples or leaps were just stretching it to make it fit her point, but overall I'm glad I read it. It exposed me to a viewpoint I hadn't considered (...and that's what books are for, right?! Isn't that why we're all here?) You should read it, too, even if you don't agree. I definitely think young women just entering the workforce should read this if they have a chance.