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Book Review of Secondhand Spirits (Witchcraft, Bk 1)

Secondhand Spirits (Witchcraft, Bk 1)
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Helpful Score: 12


Meet Lily Ivory, San Fransisco's newest resident witch. She owns and runs a vintage clothing shop in the Haight area. Soon after aquiring a bunch of old clothes from elderly Mrs. Potts, her little neighbor Jessica gets snached by a demon named La Llorna. Soon after, Mrs Potts is found dead in her home in the middle of a pentagram.

Now Lily must work hard to figure out the connection between the two crimes, save the girl, clear her name, and banish the demon. (and she does it all with class and style)

She is supported by a colorful cast of friends, including a myth-buster, a local male witch, her new familiar (think Black cat, only a gargoyle-slash-pig -- who TALKS), and a local coven of witches.

I am highly anticipating the next in the series, due out June 2010. I think this book was far better than Madelyn Alts Bewitching series. Theres a whole lot more spell casting, and i found that the information provided along the way throughout the book was extremely accurate, as far as practicing witchcraft goes.

This book had a nice blend of paranormal, suspence, magic, rituals, humor, mystery, and a lite budding romance. Its a very well done mystery! No sex scenes, and no swear words.

A perfect little cozy!