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Book Review of The Here and Now

The Here and Now
The Here and Now
Author: Ann Brashares
Genre: Teen & Young Adult
Book Type: Hardcover
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Okay, I have to begin by saying that I like Ann Brashares. I've read all of her books and feel like she has an excellent grasp on how to write teenagers. Their voices just seem to come through her effortlessly. Even in this novel, where it is not a contemporary, realistic story, the characters are very realistic and relatable.

Prenna and her mother have traveled back in time from 2098 to 2010. In their time, a pandemic broke out and basically ended civilization. The time travelers make it back in an attempt to stop this tragic future from happening. As in all time travel, there are rules. They need to blend in and not tell people where they truly came from. They also need to avoid relationships with "time natives." These rules are put into place to protect everyone past (or present depending on how you look at it) and future. Of course, teenagers break rules and Prenna falls in love with Ethan, who is not a time traveler. How will she avoid killing them both and continue with her work to alter the future?

My thoughts:
Well, I already gushed about Brashares writing style. I think it's very clear that I just love her characters. Prenna is very well developed. Honestly, her back story and her work to figure out how to save everyone is definitely the best aspect of this novel. Prenna is interesting, has many layers, and definitely carries the novel. She's intelligent, a little funny, and courageous. She cares deeply for people and because of her history doesn't want anyone to suffer or die. This actually is one of the biggest reasons that she ends up spending time with Ethan. Ethan is also well developed, but didn't capture my attention as much. Part of this is because the real focus of the novel for me was about the prospect of "fixing" the future. The romance was secondary, so Ethan's presence as a romantic figure was not important to me (not like he is so one dimensional). I would recommend this and it's definitely going up as one of my favorites for the end of the school year.