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Book Review of Fool for Love (Duchess Quartet, Bk 2)

Fool for Love (Duchess Quartet, Bk 2)
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James is a hit or miss with me. I either hate her stuff or like it quite a bit. This one was enjoyable.

I thought Henrietta was interesting. I think her reactions towards the children's less than ideal behavior was pretty realistic, especially compared to what she expected. Simon was surprisngly likeable even though he was such a dandy. I find myself more interested in the developing relationship between the kids and the adults more than the love affair.

On a side note, Esme who used to be one of my favorite characters has turned into an annoying pity pot here. The way she keeps talking about Miles being a good man (he didn't even bother hiding his mistress from her or anyone else so he doesn't quite win the husband of the year award from me) and pushing Sebastian away made me want to slap her. However, I used to find Sebastian annoying but he was utterly delicious here. I loved that he gave up everything to be near her and wouldn't let her give up. Hey, maybe he needs to drop dead too before Esme wises up.

Nothing earth shattering but decent read.