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Book Review of Island of the Blue Dolphins

Island of the Blue Dolphins
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I read this book thinking (once I figured out what the book was about) all about how Robinson Crusoe has inspired an inordinate number of stories - enough to necessitate the label Robinsonnade, and idly wondering why it's such a compelling story and why it gets retold so many times and how it's a different story than "the new person in town" or "on the road."

Then, when I finished, it turns out, this story is basically true! Blew my tiny little mind, that did. And knowing that it happened to a real person, well, that answered my idle wondering. I felt that drop in my stomach that the Robinson Crusoe story can produce, that hollow longing, that sweet sadness that is nonetheless beautiful and joyful. And it really happened.

Highly recommend this for any tween.