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Book Review of Project Hail Mary

Project Hail Mary
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Helpful Score: 2

Wheeee it's "The Martian" in a different solar system and he has to save the world! Weir does this so well - his self-deprecating almost genius hero, telling us everything we need to know while he mcgyvers another solution to a deadly problem. It's so much fun even if most of the science does go over my head, but I know Weir won't pull a fast one on me so whatever it is, he's worked it out so it's plausible. At first I wasn't thrilled with the memory loss thing, but it allows for flashbacks that give Grace his memory back while illuminating an issue he's dealing with during that moment. Rocky is great (I guess that's not a spoiler). Loved the ending too - there were things I really did not want to know, and that worked out just perfectly. Great SF with a plot that doesn't take itself too seriously but isn't meant to be a comedy either.