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Book Review of Losing It: --And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time

Losing It: --And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time
JanieK avatar reviewed on + 54 more book reviews

I enjoyed this. Bought it in the bargain bin 'cause I'm always looking for books to read and add to my PBS library and because when I was a teen, I wanted to be her ha-ha. I never thought it would be a diet book so I didn't have the disappointment that some seem to have had. She actually only mentions Jenny Craig in the last 15-20 pages.

It was much more about her lifelong BATTLE with her weight which I think is far more interesting since in my opinion, there isn't any method that is best for everyone. The plan that worked for her isn't what worked for me or maybe what you or you or you need. She had the same issues that 75% of the rest of us have--not knowing WHY you eat. A lot more difficult to conquer than just the eating too much part right? Anyway, I thought she had a good voice and I enjoyed the book. (Oh...I also think she wanted to cover a teeny bit of "You know, my marriage could have worked if my husband wasn't so messed up".)