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Book Review of The Bookstore

The Bookstore
The Bookstore
Author: Deborah Meyler
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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I think this is a book you will really like or you won't and there isn't much in between. I really liked it because I love NYC, and The Owl bookshop is almost a character in itself as is NYC. I could see where Esme the main character could annoy some people, although I find her naiveté rather endearing but I can't stand Mitchell (I imagine folks of his standing are just like him -- pretentious and full of themselves). The ending was unsettling and left me unsatisfied. I could see where a sequel could definitely be written and I hope Ms. Meyler decides to write one. I think we readers prefer to have everything tied up nice and neatly with a little red bow even if it doesn't necessarily end the way we want, the loose ends need to be resolved. Still overall I am glad I read this book just read with caution you won't get that ahhh feeling at the end, it will be more like WTF????