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Book Review of The Gift (Witch & Wizard, Bk 2)

The Gift (Witch & Wizard, Bk 2)
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In this second installment of the WITCH & WIZARD series, the book begins with Whit and Wisty Allgood running away from The One Who is the One. The leader of the New Order government, The One has successfully begun his takeover as he bans anything with entertainment value, from books to music to video games.

The One continues to capture children and cruelly brainwashes them. However, the children he most wants to capture are the Allgood siblings. The One feels that he is the only person who should be allowed to practice magic, which he does in any way he deems necessary. Capturing the Allgoods would allow him to take their powers and complete his takeover.

On the run, Whit and Wisty must try and hide from The One, who will pull any scheme to try and capture them. Still unsure if their parents are alive or not, and with Whit having no clue where his dead girlfriend is, the pair must grow into their newfound powers and try to overthrow The One. In doing so, they must lead their own revolution. Starting a revolution isn't so easy, though, since anyone around them could possibly be working for The One.

Told in alternate narratives between Whit and Wisty, Patterson and Rust continue their form of short chapters filled with tons of action. The characters of Whit and Wisty become even more developed when they begin to discover new passions and grow into their new abilities. Just like with the first installment, THE GIFT will leave readers wanting more, as they'll be dying to know the answers to even more questions.