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Book Review of Throne of Jade (Temeraire, Bk 2)

Throne of Jade (Temeraire, Bk 2)
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This is a continuing story of Laurence and his dragon, Temeraire. Captain of the HMS Reliant, Laurence and his crew had previously found a French ship and confiscated its cargo, which included a precious unhatched dragon's egg. When the egg hatched, the dragon bonded with Laurence who left to Navy to join Britain's Aerial Corps. Like all new recruits, they fought Bonaparte's forces, to prove their value to queen and country.

As the story unfolds China finds that the dragon's egg, a gift for Napoleon, is now in Britian. Prince Yongxing and his delegation represent the emperor and come to Britain to claim Temeraire, a Celestial dragon, that is supposed to bond only to princes and kings. However, Laurence will not relinquish Temeraire nor Temeraire will give up his captain. But the British powers that be insist that the dragon be returned to China. The bonding of dragon and man means that Laurence must travel to the Far East or face the gallows in Britain. It's a months long trip filled with danger, a hurricane and other terrors. Whe they reach the Chinese emperor's court they find other dangers. Laurence must survive several assassination attempts until the culprit is unmasked.

The author skillfully blends an 1801 worldw in a fantasy with intelligent dragons. Battles ensue, suspense builds and the reader learns more about the growing bond between Temeraire and Laurence. Still a young dragon, Temeraire grows bigger and bigger. With maturity, the relationship between dragon and man grows in depth. It's a fine, fine readby a talented author.