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Book Review of Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel
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I haven't read this book. I really don't know how I even came to have it. Here's what the back blurb says: Maggie Deloach was a senior at Alabam's Randolph University. She was a popular soroity girl, a Dean's List student. Pinned to the wealthy Boots Claiborne, Maggie was the perfect Southern girl, expecting and expected to become the perfect society matron.

But that summer would change her life.

Beginning when she met the handsome and hot-tempered Hoyt Cunningham, an Associated Press reported who talked insistently of racial revolution, conintuing in her friendship with Aiken Reed, the Northern girl whose ideas about sex and marality were just a little shocking to Maggie...culminating when she witnessed an encounter between an escaped black prison and his pursuers--Maggie's coming of age makes for a wonderfully evocative and gently ironic novel of a distinctly Souther way of life that is no more.