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Book Review of Bridge to Terabithia

Bridge to Terabithia
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Remember when we were little kids, and we always played games with our friends that most of the time involved our imagination? How we created worlds that only our most trusted best friends could see? How in our world, we had everything we imagined? How in our world, everything was innocent and pure? How in our world, we never thought that one day, life would take over and destroy our it?

Bridge to Terabithia, is that world. The world we dream of when we sleep. Don't you ever miss that world?

Bridge to Terabithia starts off with a boy named Jess, who's a middle grader that acts like most teenagers today. In his eyes, his life sucks. That is, unless it's the annual school race where he decides that he will win in first place. And win he almost does. That is, until someone beats him. A girl by the name of Leslie Burke. This girl beat all the boys in the race and back then and even today, when you're a little kid, being beaten by girls is not okay. After all, they do have cootiesâ¦

The story goes on and Jess and Leslie become the best of friends, and eventually, as all kids, create their perfect world. Terabithia. To get into Terabithia, you have to cross this creek by swinging on a rope. But in their minds, it's a magnificent bridge. They have battles and wars, party's and everything else there is to do. Outside of Terabithia, no one else knows about it.

Jess starts to think that his life is getting better and Leslie is living life as free-spirited as she can with her family. Something Jess wish he had. In his eyes, she has everything he doesn't. So when his teacher invites him on a trip, he doesn't invite Leslie along, as he was told to. Instead, he makes an excuse that she can't go. That night, everything changed. Fatally.

In Jess' mind, Terabithia still lives, as he shares the secret along with his younger sister. In his mind, Terabithia still includes Leslie.