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Book Review of The FairTax Book

The FairTax Book
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One of my friends asked me a while back what I thought of the FairTax issue. I had looked at the issue briefly, but it made me want to seek out the book - and thus more information.

I'm torn. As a tax-paying American, I think this is the best way to fix the system that is so obviously broken. It's not perfect (and I'm still not sure how it is going to truly completely fund the government - He had me until he started with the pre-bate thing - I need to get the next book with Q&A stuff).

Then there's the bookkeeping business owner side of me. My job is to help people get their finances in order so they can do their tax return. If we don't have an income tax or tax filings, what will happen to me? Will all of my clients go away? Will their bookkeeping be important to them now? I would like to believe that it won't matter, that some will leave and others will still find the information they get from me to be very valuable in making decisions. I just don't know.

Of course, being a business owner, I get murdered with income tax. Seriously, it's ridiculous the amount of tax we truly pay in this country. Something has to be done. Reforming the system we have no hasn't worked and will not work. It's a mess.

So, I'm on the fence. Leaning towards really liking the FairTax bill... I'm just... worried.

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