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Associated Content (Website) - 12/18/2006 by Melanie Schwear
Associated Content : Get Free Books At Bibliophiles everywhere are constantly on the lookout for great deals and bargains on new books. The coveted dust-jacket-included hardcovers cost big bucks and the local bookstore. Paperbacks are a more economical alternative.

Where to Get Books to Trade

The best place to get books to trade at is in your own private home library, or your friends' or family's houses. Even the most dedicated book lover will have several books that they no longer want. Many have boxes of paperbacks that they read once and then put away.

You can also purchase books inexpensively at flea markets, thrift stores, or at library fundraising sales. At these venues, you can often get deals such as $1.00 per bag of books. Stock up on interesting paperbacks that are still in good shape, and you will have a lot to trade.

Steps to Get Your Free Books

Once you sign up for your free account at, you will have to list several book to get started. Once you list those books, you will have three free credits to request books that you want to have mailed to you.

The books you, and all of the other members, list go into a giant database. This book list currently has over 800,000 books on it for you to choose from. The database of books is organized into many different categories such as children's books, fiction, educational, cookbooks, and more. There are also many subcategories such as horror, romance, mystery, and literature in the fiction category.

Once you have chosen your initial three free books, you must send out books in order to get credits to get more free books for yourself.

1. Put books in your own list of available titles by simply typing in the ISBN of each.

2. When someone wants one of your books, you will be contacted to ship the book to them.

3. You just have to print out a simple shipping form, wrap the book, and apply media rate postage.

4. Then, send the book on its way.

5. When the recipient gets the book, they will check in at and you will get one credit.

6. Use that credit to request a book from someone else.

Exchanging paperback books at is an excellent way to update or augment your home library. With the easy ideas about where to get books to trade, you will be able to get started fast. It is fun to send books out to people who you know will appreciate them and to save them from the landfills or recycling centers. is the best way to get yourself free books.
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