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Thrifty Thursday: I Love PaperBackSwap (Website) - 5/15/2014 by Carrie Willard
I've mentioned my love of PaperBackSwap before, but recently I've been even more impressed with the stuff I've gotten from them, absolutely free.

Last week I received a package bearing this brand new French language learning program. The box didn't look new, but when I opened the package it looked like this: [picture of contents, unwrapped French language materials]

As you can see, everything was still shrink wrapped!

The set included a French-English dictionary and phrase book, an instruction book with guidance on how to use the program, 4 cassette tapes and a workbook to go along with them to test myself.

Did I mention the FREE price tag?

If you're unfamiliar, PaperBackSwap allows members to easily and quickly post their unwanted books – all you do is enter the ISBN number, and the description and picture are auto-filled. C'est tres facile! When another PBS member requests your book, you send it to them on your dime (typically around $2.50 or so – I avoid listing heavy books). You get a point when they receive the book. I've never had a problem with PBS members being less than ethical, which is far more than I can say for eBay customers (grr!).

You can then go and redeem that point for a book from the PBS catalog, and another member sends it to you.
2 of the books I read last month came from PaperBackSwap.
Once or twice I've received a book that was very old and worn looking, and once I got one that smelled of smoke. That was before I knew you could create “conditions” that a user is required to read and agree to before sending you a book. In my conditions, I disallow smoky books. Et voila! No more stinky books!

The above mentioned Berlitz program would probably have cost me around $30 if I purchased it new.

Are you a PaperBackSwap user? (If not, consider signing up using this link. When you add 10 books to your account, I get a free point.)

Using PBS, I've gotten: workbooks and schoolbooks for the kids (including Saxon math), fiction for myself and the children, audio books and more.

Declutter your bookshelves and get free books ... what's not to love?
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