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Earn Money Selling On The Internet

All You (Magazine) - 5/1/2011 by Staff
If you've always wanted to make some extra cash by selling your gently used items online, get started with this easy guide.

Whether youíre a seasoned pro or listing an item for the first time, take advantage of tips from successful sellers to set your advertising apart from the rest, learn which online market≠place is best for making a profit and seal the deal at the best possible price.

1. Price it right: Asking too much or even too little can deter buyers. Before you decide on a number, research what similar items on the site are going for, and depending on the condition and the itemís uniqueness, price yours competitively.
2. Beat the clock: When thereís only a limited amount of time to buy (such as on auction sites), your item can generate a lot of interest. On classified sites, note that you must make the sale within a week and you will accept calls or e-mail for only four days.
3. Spell-check: Errors in your writing can leave a bad first impression. If youíre prone to misspellings or poor grammar, have a friend read your post before it goes live.
4. Think like a buyer: Cut down on time-consuming queries and zero in on serious buyers by being as descriptive as possible. Think of every question a buyer might have and every detail that can help sell your item (like accessories included and consumer ratings).
5. Display a photo: Buyers wonít bite unless the images of what youíre selling are clear. Take focused, quality photos and crop them to show close-ups and different angles. Good lighting also makes an item look better and helps move it faster.

BONUS: Best Web sites for Internet selling

The top sites in the online marketplace are eBay, Craigslist and Amazon, but there are plenty of other options for finding your selling niche. Check out these great Web sites suggested by ALL YOU Facebook fans.

* This sister site of eBay specializes in books, music, movies and games. Simply enter your items by ISBN or UPC (no start-up or listing fees) and choose to have them appear on eBay at no additional charge.
* Post goods and services (even bulk items) on this classifieds Web site. Your first listing is free, and buyers and sellers finalize the transaction privately.
* List a CD, DVD, book or video game on Glyde in seconds, then send the sold item to the buyer in a pre-addressed, pre-stamped mailer. Next step: Receive a check in the mail!
* Avid readers post their unwanted books on this swapping site. When someone requests one, you pay to ship it; then you receive a credit that you can use to acquire a book from another seller.
* Users can post anything they donít want on this free auction site. Users then bid on items using credits they earn for signing up, referring friends or listing their own stuff.
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