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How To Save Money Swapping Books

Associated Content from Yahoo! (Website) - 12/7/2010 by Elton Gahr
Hardback books are expensive, and if you read a lot even paperback books can add up pretty quickly as more and more often paperback books cost fifteen or twenty dollars. There are of course used book stores but if you're looking for a specific book or simply want a better choice then you may ant to consider an online paperback swap, or find a local paperback book swap at your library, book store, a church or even a person's house.

The easiest thing is likely to be a online system. The best of these I have found is This program is free, with the only real limitation being the cost of shipping things and the requirement of listing at least ten books of your own. Still it is quite easy and the shipping cost is less than the cost of a typical paperback book and there are a huge selection making it more valuable for the collector of specific books.
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