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Links I Love-Episode 3-

Mustard Seed Book Reviews (Website) - 6/19/2010 by Pamela Swearingen
LINKS I LOVE - Episode 3 -

Have you used Paperback Swap before? It really is a great resource. As we all know, books can be VERY expensive and can pile up pretty quickly in stacks all around the house. Time to take action! List your books on that you have finished, outgrown or just plain no longer want. Other great readers will request your books. Agree to the transaction, mail your book, receive a credit to your account. Credits can be used to request any book that you might have been wanting to read.

It's that simple! For the price of media mail postage, you can earn a credit that just might allow you to snag that book you've been dreaming of for a while. Best of all, this website has a wish list function. Let be your own personal book assistant as the website remembers your list for you and emails you when the book is available.
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