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Cats, Books. Life Is Good (Website) - 6/1/2010 by Fragileearthplush
I was so excited when I went home for lunch and saw all these books waiting for me! is my new drug. You list the books you have that you are finished reading and dont want to read again and if someone wants your books, you mail them out. For every book that arrives, you get one point which can then be used to pick up someone elses books. If you are mailing out books, you pay the postage and anyone whos mailing you books pays the postage on their end. Its a great system.

You can do the same thing with movies their sister site, and to make it even better, you can transfer the points you get from movies to use for books, or vice versa. And if you have a sister whos moving out of her apartment and has tons of movies she no longer wants and doesnt want to deal with them and gives them to you with no strings attached, you are in heaven with all the books arriving at your door. Amanda, thank you and I will be thinking of you as I read all these treasures!

Now, I just need to find a way to earn money while reading books because I have to tell you, working 8-5 is cramping my style here
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